Informace o projektu
Access To Universities for Persons with Disabilities (ACTU)

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Kód projektu
Období řešení
9/2019 - 8/2022
Investor / Programový rámec / typ projektu
Evropská unie
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU
Pedagogická fakulta
Spolupracující organizace
Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar"

“Access to Universities for persons with disabilities” (ATU) with priority to build the
system that increase inclusion and study success for students with disabilities will contribute to those
ATU proposal aims to elaborate comprehensive and adaptable model of support services for
students with disabilities. That general aim will be achieved by preparation of following intellectual

  • O1 - The analysis of existing support service for students with disabilities – presenting deep

analysis of good practices and failures, problems and limitations faced by HEIs, needs reported by
them, legal frames related to national and international rules, etc.;

  • O2 - Model support services list including structured, sorted list of standard and innovative services

that are and might be provided, with their detailed description (needs to which they answer, target
user, application conditions, etc.);

  • O3 - Model structure of support services system - internal structure, including possible internal or

external centre, joint actions of local HEIs, formal and financial rules, possible arrangements, etc.;

  • O4 - Model awareness building at HEIs – aiming at HEIs personnel of various type (academic,

administration, etc.), model including methodology as well as adaptable training curriculum, etc.;

  • O5 - Methodology of implementation of support services into the HEI systems - based on intensive

testing of proposed model services in each partner country (testing of results O2, O3 and O4),
analysis and conclusions arising from testing phase incorporated in final versions of all those outputs
as well as elaboration of methodology on implementation of support systems with use of all produced
outputs and expertise on the process.

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