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Qualifying Differences

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Období řešení
9/2019 - 8/2022
Investor / Programový rámec / typ projektu
Evropská unie
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU
Pedagogická fakulta

The proposal "Qualifying Differences" arises from the need to create a totally innovative methodology (creation of a methodological manual, a digital platform and an "Understanding Disability" booklet), both nationally and internationally, with the aim of providing the same line of action, in the accompaniment provided to the adult. We aim above all to enable the adult and the professional to initiate and / or develop and / or finalize the process of certification and validation of competences, based on the same methodology of work (methodological guide for professionals and battery of tools that support the Diagnosis process and RVCC in any part of the country or partner country. In the face of a global society that is intended to be inclusive, the mobility of adults / technicians in the country or across borders should not be an obstacle to the migration of work done independently of the Center Institution or country.
The work to be carried out will be reflected in the daily activities of the organizations involved, with visible results in the change of mentalities of the community in general, regarding disability and the culture of employability and entrepreneurship of adults with disabilities that meets the strategies for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Adult education contributes at European level to achieve equity values. Social cohesion, active citizenship, creativity and innovation, to raise the level of employment in Europe for people with disabilities by encouraging return to work through validation, updating of knowledge and retraining, thus reducing the high number of people with disabilities. with low levels of schooling, through empowerment activities that motivate them and withdraw them from situations of isolation and risk of poverty and social exclusion.

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