Modern American History (E-learning Course)


JANÍK Zdeněk

Rok publikování 2005
Druh Prezentace v oblasti VaV (AV tvorba, WEB aplikace apod.)
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Pedagogická fakulta

Popis Theme: History and its legacies for Today General aims: To support students in a process of personalizing history and relating it to their own cultures and everyday experiences. To focus students learning on a variety of perspectives on historical isssues and to critically explore differing points of view on these issues. To provoke students into questioning stereotypes and challenging racist attitudes. To support students in their development of affirmative understanding of ethnic and cultural groups. The MAIN TOPIC OF THE COURSE: Race and Membership in American History - membership not only as a sense of belonging to a group, but also as freedom and right to belong and to participate so as to live a full and decent life. In our course we are going to see how millions of Americans were fighting for this dream. Sessions: Introduction: Historical Perception starts nowadays American History Learning: Race and Democracy Slavery and the South and North of the United States The Period of Reconstruction: Segregation Scientific Justification of Racism Nation of Immigrants Scientific Justification: From Darwin to Eugenics Scientific Justification: Eugenics and the Power of Testing Science and the State Policy: "Eugenics Laws" American 'Imperialism': The "White Man's Burden" American Fight for Freedom and Civil Rights Case studies solving: "Becoming American"- the experience of Chinese Americans Credit requirements: 4 on-line tasks case studies from American History (will be specified) written test (will be specified) Literature: Compulsory: Race and Membership in American History: Eugenics Movement. Massachusetts: Facing History and Ourselves Foundation, Inc., 2002. ISBN 0-9615841-9-K O'Callaghan, B. Illustrated History of the USA. UK: Longman Group, 1990. ISBN 0 582-74921-2 Optional: Davidson, J.W. et al. Nation of Nations. A Concise Narrative of the American Republic. USA: McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1996. ISBN 0-07-015738-3 Chomsky, N. Necessary Illusions: thought control in democratic societies. Boston: South and Press, 1989. ISBN: 0-89608-366-7 Chomsky, N. 9 - 11. New York: Seven stories press, 2002. ISBN 1-58322-489-0 Chomsky, N. Power and Terror: post-9/11 talks and iterviews. New York: Seven stories press, 2003. ISBN: 1- 58322-590-0

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