Country Report. The Czech Republic. In Multilingualism and Global Competence in ECEC & Primary School Settings. Report on the ISOTIS Virtual Learning Environment Development and Implementation in Four Countries to Innovate Inclusive and Effective Curricula.



Rok publikování 2019
Druh Přehledové a vzdělávací texty
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Pedagogická fakulta

Popis In this case study, we focus on activities conducted as part of the WP4 Task 4.4 “Multilingualism and technologies: a design-based approach model to innovate ECEC and primary curricula” within the larger ISOTIS project in the Czech Republic. The study consisted of several activities focusing on multilingualism in school environment. Activities were conducted in five classrooms attended by approximately 100 children in three primary schools at two locations. Two classrooms in the city of Brno were attended by 20-30% of pupils with minority ethnic background with only a low percentage of Roma pupils, and one classroom in another school in Brno was attended by 99% of Roma pupils, which means ethnically segregated. The two classrooms in Ústí nad Labem included 40% on average of pupils with Roma background. In this country report, we reflect on data collected during the exploratory, co-construction and implementation phases of this study. We present a detailed characterization of the context, participants and methodological as well as ethical issues we dealt with. At the end, we outline the findings of the study. In the Appendix, we provide templates of activities co-designed and implemented within the WP4.4 VLE.
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