Connection – Contact – Community : Permanent On-line in the Education of Art



Rok publikování 2020
Druh Kapitola v knize
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Pedagogická fakulta

Popis This text is aimed at art educators on all levels and types of educational institutions offering to take a step back in current practice and look at some new ways how education process can be carried out for the contemporary student. It is rather about the philosophical approach to the subject of education and the whole process of acquiring knowledge or experience than a handbook of what steps to take to succeed as an educator in fine arts. The art forms addressed include visual, performance and conceptual art with an introduction of ideas of pedagogical practice. This paper outlines several philosophical points of reference and how these positions relate to the contemporary directions in education. Questions of what is the role of the internet in the current art education has been raised and how its influence reflects in the student community.
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