Teaching Financial Literacy through Excel Game



Rok publikování 2019
Druh Článek v odborném periodiku
Časopis / Zdroj R&E-SOURCE Open Online Journal for Research and Education
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU

Pedagogická fakulta

www https://journal.ph-noe.ac.at/index.php/resource/article/view/761
Klíčová slova financial literacy; gamification; key competencies; teaching pupils
Popis Financial literacy become important part of pupil´s key competencies. Since financial literacy content personal and family finance based on wider economic understanding it is also important part of life of each human being. Teaching financial literacy is quite complicated because of different level of pupils’ individual knowledge and experience, and also quite unattractive due to theoretical background and mathematical apparatus needed. We decided to use game for teaching financial literacy started with already available desk game. However we experienced positive impact of the game we also discovered its limitation. Creation of our own game was solution. The article provides specification of important steps and decisions made during creation as much realistic game as possible, and our experience with game creation in the MS Excel with implementation of selected financial literacy topics to the game environment. It is very difficult to find the proper method for teaching the financial literacy through the games and not to use too much simplification.
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