Kurz FRESHERS: Skills for Research Career pro PhD studenty na MU

Pro PhD studendy na MU je pro nadcházející semestr otevřená registrace do předmětu FRESHERS: Skills for Research Career. FRESHERS je zaměřen na témata, s kterými se mohou doktorandi (zejména při své vědecké a výzkumné činnosti) setkat už během studia a také záhy po ukončení Ph.D. Jazykem kurzu je angličtina a v následujícím semestru proběhne kurz v on-line formě.

21. 9. 2020

The course runs through the autumn semester and includes 8 lectures focused on acquiring the knowledge and skills to be a succesfull young researcher. 

The aim of the course is to get an overall picture of the topics that researchers face such as International Exchanges within Ph.D., Financing Research, Publication Ethics, Communication of Science and Research Results Promotion, Intellectual Property, etc. and thus strengthening the abilities and skills of young scientists to better integrate into national and international projects and research structures. 

You can find more information about course on IS and register here.

More information Register here

All lectures will be taught on-line and will be in English.
More information about the course, date and time of the lectures can be found in MUNI Portal.

More information - MUNI Portal

The table on the page, will be continuously updated.

The course is designed for Ph.D. candidates who are at the beginning of study (1. - 4. semester). However, if you are a bit further and you are interested, you may register as well.
In case you manage to have 80% attendance (6 from 8), you will be given 3 credits.

The attandance will be checked through the application on IS.  Of course, I understand that the given dates of lectures will not suit everyone. Therefore, a recording of the lectures will be made and it will be available to you on the IS ("Learning materials") to watch for a specified period. 

You will be always informed by the email before the lecture about the way of on-line lecture (either Zoom meeting or Teams or other) and exact time.

In case you have any questions or need more information, you can contact Ivana Jašková.

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