EDUC Thematic Seminars - Call for Applications

13. 1. 2021 Jana Veličková

Do you wish to expand your research network across Europe? Are you looking for research partners abroad to develop new projects? Do you have a research project and would like to find collaborators to develop it at European scale? You can apply for EDUC seminars and develop your research connections for free.

In 2021, there will be up to 7 seminars you can apply for. You should be a Ph.D. student or a researcher and have career connection with the seminar's topic.
There is no fee for the seminars. Travel and accommodation costs of the selected participants are granted within the project EDUC, funded by the Erasmus+ Programme. However, due to the current situation, at least the first three seminars will be held on-line.

More information about the rules and application process can be found here
Please see the table for important deadlines.
One of the main objectives of the EDUC partner universities is to encourage and strengthen cooperation in research. Apply now and strengthen your research network!

In case of further question, please contact:
Ivana Jašková - or
Eva Nagyová -
Completed application forms should be sent to:

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