Pozvánka: Who’s got the power? – Sex and Gender in Energy Research

8. 5. 2023

The online workshop Who’s got the power? – Sex and Gender in Energy Research on May 16, gives an overview about gender aspects in Horizon Europe, informs about EU projects on energy research, shows good practice of taking gender aspects into account, and provides useful information for proposal-writing for energy-related projects.

The target group for this workshop are scientists in the research area of energy, but also persons with a multiplier role, like those advising scientists on proposal writing. The virtual workshop will be held in English. No participation fee is charged. The draft agenda and the link for registration are now available on the website.

The workshop is the fifth in the row of the workshop series on the Gender Dimension in the European Research Area. This workshop series was initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and implemented by the Contact Point Women into EU Research. The series highlights the role of gender in particular for projects in Horizon Europe on the basis of alternating research topics.

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