Mezinárodní online mezioborová konference One Year in a Pandemic - Challenges to Inclusive Education and Lessons Learnt

14. 10. 9:00 - 16:00

Mezinárodní online konference 

One Year in a Pandemic - Challenges to Inclusive Education and Lessons Learnt

International conference
Institute for Research in Inclusive Education, Masaryk University
14 October (Thursday)
Online via ZOOM (links are available in the program)

Session 1 (9:00 - 11:30)
Current challenges to inclusive education and wellbeing of key stakeholders in education


Session 2 (13:30 - 16:00)

Inclusive education in a broader perspective


The conference One Year in a Pandemic - Challenges to Inclusive Education and Lessons Learnt aims at shedding light on the main challenges that education systems and stakeholders such as the management, education practitioners, parents and students have been facing not only during the past year but even before. We would not only like to present these challenges to education but also discuss them and come to an understanding of how to overcome them. We also would like to provide a space for sharing good practices among scholars and practitioners as we find it essential in this unprecedented global situation. 

The conference will cover topics of stakeholders wellbeing, experiences with education during the pandemic, use of technologies in inclusive education, inclusive education in a wider international perspective as well as decolonization of inclusive education.

We invite you to join us, ask questions and share your experiences in two academic sessions, one panel discussion with practitioners (in Czech language) and in one evening talk screened also on youtube.

Join us, share and learn.

You can find more about the conference and the project BeIN on our website 


The conference is organised as part of the project BeIN (TL02000064) funded by the Technological Agency of the Czech Republic within the programme Éta. 

Institut výzkumu inkluzivního vzdělávání (Pedagogická fakulta)
Mgr. Bc. Lenka Kissová, Ph.D.
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