Přednáška prof. Thompsona: Care Aesthetics, the arts and education

James Thompson je profesorem aplikovaného divadla na Univerzitě v Manchesteru. Je zakladatelem organizace In Place of War, která zkoumá a rozvíjí umělecké programy v konfliktních oblastech, a nyní vede rozsáhlý výzkumný projekt zaměřený na estetiku péče.

26. 10. 2022


1. 12. 2022




RUV, Poříčí 9

James will speak about his work on the concept of ‘care aesthetics’ – that is how the experience of care has embodied, sensory and crafted elements. While this idea can be applied to the work of a health care worker, a museum curator or a choreographer, the talk will discuss the relation between care aesthetics, the arts and education. How might artists and educators create experiences of care in their work? What are the implications for arts projects, educational programmes and their participants and the communities in which they live? A focus on care, and how it might become better crafted and more equitable, has become even more urgent in light of the inequalities in care made apparent by the Covid pandemic, and then more recently in response to the war in Ukraine and the ‘cost of living’ crisis that has ensued. The lecture will use examples from James’ practice and the practice of other artists and care workers to present a case for more artfully careful ways of working in a range of educational and community settings.

Roundtable 18:30

After the lecture and Q&A, we will host a discussion on arts projects in response to the current crisis, focusing on projects with communities fleeing conflict and war. All are invited to share experiences and explore the dilemmas faced when doing this work. James will offer reflections on his experience in developing programmes for migrant and refugee communities in international war zones.

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Prof. James Thompson

James Thompson is Professor of Applied Theatre at the University of Manchester. He was the founder of In Place of War (www.inplaceofwar.net) researching and developing arts programmes in conflict zones and now runs a major research project on Care Aesthetics. He has run theatre projects internationally and has written widely on applied theatre and socially engaged arts. Past books include Performance Affects (2009), Humanitarian Performance (2014) and edited with Amanda Stuart Fisher (2020) Performing Care. His new book Care Aesthetics: for Careful Art and Artful Care was published in July 2022.

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