Marketing and External Relations Division

About department

Marketing and External Relations Division is providing:

  • coordinates the administration of the faculty's website and the faculty's presentation on social networks,
  • is responsible for the faculty's marketing activities and faculty-wide surveys,
  • organises, in cooperation with the Secretary, the preparation of faculty representation events,
  • ensures external relations of the Faculty and coordinates cooperation with external partners of the Faculty,
  • coordinates activities related to faculty presentation, visual style, etc.,
  • in cooperation with the Study Department, ensures the promotion of the study programmes,
  • cooperates with the RMU OVVVM and the press department,
  • participates in the preparation of departmental websites,
  • participates in the promotion of Lifelong Learning at PdF MU, prepares content for social networks and consultations within the website in cooperation with the CŽV.
People and contact

The department has a common contact e-mail address:

Mgr. Jan Šplíchal

Phone: +420 549 49 5266

Head of Marketing and External Relations

Mgr. Markéta Janíčková

Phone: +420 549 49 7123

Managing Assistant of Marketing and External Relations

What can we help you with

Advice on the faculty website and content

We will advise you on how to create and organize your website. You can contact Mgr. Jan Šplíchal

For content on our faculty website and assistance in adding new information, please contact Mgr. Jan Šplíchal

Promotion of the event through the web, social networks and video calls

As part of the organisation of events, it is possible to request promotion on our faculty Facebook page and the MU Information System, which are also posted on our faculty website. You can use the video wall in the foyer to invite you to the event, for which we will prepare a short trailer according to your requirements.

With this request, please contact Mgr. Jan Šplíchal.

How to design a flyer/poster?

If you don't know how to design a flyer or poster, we can help you with the preparation and create a design according to your requirements. Ideally you should think in advance what you want on the flyer and provide all the supporting documents.

What we will need from you:

  • a brief text
  • the location, time and date of the event


If your stamps are worn out or non-functional, you can contact the Dean's Office to have a new one made.

The format is uniform for the whole faculty: i.e. name of the university and faculty + address. In the case of a department, there is also the name of the department. You can separate the stamps within the department by numbering in the right-hand corner.

In case of specific requirements, please consult with Mgr. Jan Šplíchal.

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1. Departement of Education
2. Departement of Psychology  
3. Departement of Russian Language and Literature  
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Other faculty organizations:

1. Centre for Applied Behavioural Analysis of the Faculty of Education MU  
2. Academic Senate of Faculty of Education MU  
3. Otevřeno
4. Civitas  

Student Branch Councils:

1. Student Branch Council of the Department of Civic Education, Faculty of Education MU  
2. Student Branch Council of Special Education at the Faculty of Education MU  
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