The faculty installed a LOKNI filtration station where you can fill your own bottle with filtered healthy water (sparkling and still). The filtration station can be found in the 1st underground floor near the Conference and Relaxation Room (RUV).

How does it work?

The dispenser treats the tap water as it is being bottled. It removes odours, chlorine and micro-impurities. In addition, the built-in UV light eliminates bacteria. Users can tap sparkling or still water, the water is always chilled. They spin it into their bottle using a QR code on the Filtermac mobile app.

How to proceed:

  1. Download the LOKNI mobile app to your smartphone (Google Play and AppStore).
  2. Open the app and register.
  3. Choose a plan (Sponsored) and start pumping.
  4. How to do it? (video)

The benefits of drinking from the LOKNI:

  1.  FREE filtered healthy water
  2. Sparkling/non-sparkling and always chilled water
  3. Save nature - don't buy PET bottles
  4. Removes chlorine, odors, bacteria and impurities from water (0.2 micron)
  5. No standing water - it is connected to the mains water supply
  6. Automatic regular flushing
  7. Meets the criteria of the National Institute of Health
  8. 100% care - serviced regularly
  9. Thanks to the app, you can keep track of your drinking regime and the PETs you saveThe benefits of drinking from the LOKNI:

More about LOKNI

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