Study Catalogue

Set of information about courses and study plans

General information

Classification of subjects into compulsory, selective and elective courses

Courses can be compulsory, selective and elective. Compulsory courses must be fulfilled. Selective courses are in fact also compulsory - you select a specified number of courses from a block of courses according to a set rule, or courses within a given cumulative credit volume for the entire study. You choose electives only according to your interest and need. A recommendation is given for the courses in which semester of study it is advisable to enroll and complete them. This is the so-called recommended course of study. However, it is possible to deviate from this plan. Following the recommended study plan should ensure an organisationally smooth course of study (continuity of courses, optimal timetable).

Elective courses

Whether to deepen their knowledge in a chosen area or to gain additional credits, students can choose from a wide range of fully elective courses during their studies. In general, any course that is not a compulsory or selective in a given curriculum is considered an elective. Credits earned by taking elective courses count towards the total number of credits earned for the course.

Control of fulfilment of obligations

For continuous control of the fulfilment of study obligations at any time during the study (not only before the upcoming state final exam), the application Check my Studies is used.

Registration templates

A registration template is a tool in the Information System used to register courses for the upcoming semester. Course registration for autumn semesters typically begins in July or August, and course registration for spring semesters begins in December. The exact date is determined by the approved term calendar, which is to find in the Information System > Studies > Browse faculty calendars.

Bachelor's programme

Minimum number of credits per study

A minimum of 180 credits must be obtained during the Bachelor's degree. The Bachelor's degree is a 3-year, i.e. 6 semester programme. The ideal credit gain in each semester is therefore on average of 30 credits.

Compulsory university-wide physical education

Full-time students in all Bachelor's programmes are required to take 2 courses of compulsory PE during their studies, which is implemented at the University Sports Centre (USC) of the Faculty of Sports Studies (FSpS). The registration template with the PE courses and all important instructions can be found directly in the templates of the Faculty of Sports Studies.

Master's programme

Minimum number of credits per study

A minimum of 120 credits must be obtained during the follow-up Master's degree. The study period is 2 years, i.e. 4 semesters. The ideal credit gain in each semester is therefore on average of 30 credits.

Obligation to prepare a thesis

During their studies, students will take three courses related to the preparation of their thesis. Only the following organization of course enrollment can be recommended for graduation in the standard term:

Bachelor's programme
4th semester: Bachelor Thesis - Project
5th semester: Bachelor Thesis
6th semester: Bachelor Thesis - Completion

Master's programme
2nd semester: Diploma Thesis - Project
3rd semester: Diploma Thesis
4th semester: Diploma Thesis - Completion

Foreign language programmes registration templates

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