Frequent Asked Questions

Who to contact at the Study Department with what problem?

I don´t know which Study Department clerk I should contact.

In the first place, contact your Study Department clerk with any questions – s/he is here to advise you or refer you to somebody who can advise you and help you. Who your clerk is can be found on the PdF website depending on your current field of study.

Who issues the password to the IS?

IS passwords are issued in office hours by Radek Pospíšil (International Office) or Petr Šimík (Office for Studies). 

Who can I collect a paid card or sticker from?

Cards and stickers are issued in office hours by Michaela Daňková (Office for Studies) or Radek Pospíšil (International Office). Students card or sticker can be paid at Cash Desk or thgough Shopping Center.

Who can I get a confirmation of study from?

The confirmation of study will be issued in office hours by Radek Pospíšil (International Office), Petr Šimík (Office for Studies) or your study clerk

Office for Studies

Who should I submit requests to?

All kinds of requests (for interruption of studies, recognition of courses, for an exception from the Study and Examination Rules, etc.) can be submitted in the box at the Study Department, to your study clerk in office hours or to Mrs Mejzlíková.

Passwords (log-in data for the IS)

You should obtain a password for the Information System together with an UČO on enrolment in your studies. If you are already enrolled in the IS as a student of another field of study (or a former student), you will not be issued with a new password. To log in, you can use your old password; if you do not remember it, see the administrator and s/he will issue a new password to you (see the question: When and where can I collect a password?). The log-in data for the IS (UČO and the password) are the same for all studies at Masaryk University.

I have lost/forgotten my password for the IS, what should I do now?

You have to see the administrator to collect a new password (see the question: When and where can I collect the password?).

Why don´t you send passwords for the IS by e-mail?

We do not send the log-in data (= password and UČO) by e-mail for security reasons. We are thus trying to prevent the misuse of your personal data.

When and where can I collect the password?

You can collect the log-in data in office hours from Radek Pospíšil (International Office) or Petr Šimík (Office for Studies). To get the password, you need to prove your identity (with an ID card, passport). Another (but paid) option is to have the password sent by registered mail to your home address. You can find out about this option in the Shopping Centre

Office for Studies

Who will issue the secondary password?

You set your secondary password in the IS by yourselves, click on the left bar in the IS at System --> Change password --> Change secondary password.

Cards and stickers

What do I need the student card for?

The card serves for:

  • identification of the student (e.g. a teacher may require you to present it before an exam begins)
  • entering classrooms,
  • borrowing books from the library,
  • the ISIC card also serves for application for student discounts  and for buying meals in the cafeteria.

Conditions of issue

The condition for manufacturing the card is your photograph in the IS and payment of the fee. If you were not photographed on the enrolment day, have it done as soon as possible. Information about being photographed at MU.

Who will issue the card to me?

The cards are issued in office hours by Mrs Beata Mejzlíková.

What type of card should I order?

  • You order a card depending on the type of study:
  1. The first card of a full-time student = ISIC
    Every student partly contributes to the cost of their student card. If you are a new full-time student, you order the ISIC card through the Shopping Center. The payment data will be displayed at the end of the order. Remember to enter the variable symbol carefully – the payment is made according to this number.
    Where and when can I collect the card?
    The cards are issued in office hours y Mrs Beata Mejzlíková. The card will be ready for you no sooner than 3 weeks after your enrolment to study; you can also collect it in the first days of semester.

  2. Sticker for the ISIC  
    The ISIC sticker serves to prolong the validity of the card and you will need it when you want to apply for student discounts. The revalidation sticker has no influence on the validity of the ISIC card within MU. The sticker is not purchased for a new card in the year of issue.
    How should I order and pay, where and when should I collect it?
    You can order the sticker in the Shopping Centre and after crediting the sum to the MU account you can collect it in office hours from Mrs Beata Mejzlíková.

  3. The First card of a combined student
    Every student partly contributes to the cost of the student card. If you are a new student in the combined study programme, you order the First card of the student of combined mode of study printed on a chip card through the Shopping Center. The payment data will be displayed at the end of the order. Remember to enter the variable symbol carefully – the payment is made according to this number.
    Where and when can I collect the card?

    The cards are issued in office hours by Mrs Beata Mejzlíková. The card will be ready for you no sooner than 3 weeks after your enrolment to study, you can also collect it in the first few days of the semester.
  4. If the card is lost
    If the card is lost, stolen or damaged, the student covers the whole cost of production of a new card. It is ordered in the Shopping Centre. Only after crediting the payment to the MU account does the clerk issue an order to print a new card. You will be informed about the possible ways to collect it through the university email.

Requirements for continuation of study in the next semester (the number of credits needed)

What conditions do I have to meet to continue to the next semester?

You must gain at least 20 credits in the last semester or 45 credits in the last two semesters and successfully complete all the courses you have repeated in the semester immediately preceding.
You must also apply in the appropriate period (see the Schedule) via the IS for enrolment in the next semester. The instructions for this procedure are available in Help with IS.

For more information see (czech only) Study and Examination Rules, art. 12.

How many credits are required to continue to the next semester: 20 or 45?

OR means either one or the other option. In order to continue to the next semester you will need to gain either 20 credits for the last semester or 45 credits for the last two semesters. 

E.g.: You will meet the requirements for continuing to the Spring 2010 semester if you gain 43 credits in the period Spring 2009 and only 2 credits in the period Autumn 2009.

Tip: This option is often used by students when they go on a planned stay abroad.

What will happen if I do not gain 20 credits per semester (or 45 credits over the last two semesters)?

You will fail to meet the conditions  for continuing in the next semester and your study will be terminated.

For more information see the (czech only) Study and Examination Rules, art. 12.

Confirmation of study

Who will issue my confirmation of study and for how long, when and where?

The confirmation of study is printed directly from the Information System of Masaryk University (no forms to be completed) and will be issued in office hours by Mrs Beata Mejzlíková or your study clerk. The certificate is issued for the period of one semester.

Who will confirm cards for the Czech Railways, City Transportation System, etc.?

These confirmations will be issued only for full-time students in the office hours by Mrs Beata Mejzlíková or your study clerk.

Registration and enrollment in courses

General instructions about registration of courses

During  the course of study, a student must complete all compulsory courses and some (as instructed) compulsory options  in his/her field of study. Which compulsory and compulsory options there are for your field of study can be found in the Study Catalogue. The Study Catalogue is a recommended study plan and its equivalents in the IS are registration templates which help you to register courses.

When can I register / enrol in courses?

Courses can be registered only in periods set for this purpose, i.e.  in the periods of Registration, Enrolment and Changes in Enrolment. In the Schedule you can find when individual periods take place within the given semester.

What courses shall I register for?

Register with the use of the registration template for all compulsory courses and, following the instructions in the Catalogue, also for compulsory options and check the total number of credits of all the registered courses in the registration. If it is less than 30 credits, also register for some elective courses up to a total of about 30 credits (if you are interested, you can register for an even higher number of credits).

Why should I register for courses which add up to 30 credits per semester?

According to the Study and Examination Rules (SZR) a student must collect a certain number of credits during his/her studies:180 credits in Bachelor programmes, 120 credits in Follow-up Master programmes, and 300 credits in long (five-year) Master programmes. When the required number of credits is divided by the number of semesters of the standard study time (in Bachelor programmes 3 years = 6 semesters, in Follow-up Master programmes 2 years = 4 semesters, and in long Master programmes 5 years = 10 semesters), we get 30 credits per semester which a student should gain as long as he/she intends to complete studies within a standard period of time

Where can I find the individual courses which I should complete during the course of my study?

You will find the courses in the Catalogue of Courses on the web of PdF.

What is the difference between registration and enrolment?

With the help of registration you can choose courses which you want to study. If there are no problems at registration, the courses will be confirmed in the period of Enrolment and Changes in Enrolment. Only by enrolling do you gain the right and duty to attend the course and complete it successfully.

How can I test whether the registration happened without problems?

Click: Student --> Registration and enrolment in courses --> List detailed information about the status of registration/enrolment.Red messages indicate problems; you will not be enrolled in  these courses. The problems are most frequently as follows:

  • not meeting a condition for enrolment (so-called prerequisite). The meaning of individual prerequisites can be found in the table directly under registered courses. You will be allowed to enrol in the course only after meeting the prerequisites. Sometimes the condition is parallel registration/ enrolment in another (often elective) course (prerequisite NOW and the code of the required course. After registering for the course the red message disappears. The red message disappears after registration of the course.
  • the course is designed for a different field of study than yours.
  • the capacity of the course has been exceeded.   

Can I do anything when the registration is red, but I am very interested in taking the course?

In such cases asking the Study Department for enrolment is unnecessary, as we cannot help you. You may apply to your teacher for an exception in enrolment, and s/he may allow you to enrol after considering all the facts.The request is submitted via the IS on the first day of Enrolment at the earliest (after 17.00). The request can be dealt with by teachers only until the end of changes in enrolment. See the Help with IS for instructions on how to file the request.

Why can registration not be done until 17.00 on the day of enrolment and on the day of changes in enrolment?

So that there can be equal competition for courses the beginning of the period is set to 17:00. This is why from midnight of the previous day until 17.00 of the day determined as the beginning of the enrolment period or period of changes in enrolment the registration for courses does not work.

Until when is it possible to make changes in registration and enrolment?

The Study and Examination Code in the interpretation of article 11 says that courses can be registered for during the periods of registration, enrolment and changes in enrolment. See the Schedule to find out which period is when.


After the Changes in enrolment are over, please do not ask the study clerks for additional enrolment or cancellation of enrolment in courses, as the clerks cannot help you.

How about the compulsory option of Physical Education?

During their studies, each full-time Bachelor student must complete two compulsory options of Physical Education (PE). Only one compulsory option of PE may be enrolled in one semester. Physical Education is provided for the whole MU by the Centre of University Sports (CUS) of the Faculty of Sports Studies (FSpS).

When and how can I register for PE?

Registration and enrolment in FSpS take place on different dates from PdF. The dates are available from the Schedule. PE courses can be found in a separate registration template  in the IS.

What if I am exempted from PE for health reasons?

Exemption from regular attendance at PE classes applies only to students who are permanently classified as medically unfit on the basis of their doctor´s recommendation. A request for exemption from PE needs to be dealt with during the first month of the semester and submitted in office hours to the secretary of the Department of Sport Activities (KSA) based in the gymnasium at Pod Hradem, Údolní 3. In every semester in which you apply for exemption it is necessary to register for a course in the IS called exemption for health reasons, code - P999. The form of request for exemption can be downloaded on the webpage of FSpS.

What about compulsory options for the Bachelor´s thesis / Master´s thesis (BP/DP)?

According to the Dean´s directive, all students must complete three courses for BP/DP. A student should complete all three courses stated below at one workplace (with the code of one department), otherwise he/she will not be allowed to take the state final examination (SZZ). An exception applies only to those students who interrupted their study in the spring semester 2010 at the latest for the period until their SZZ.



A student of Bachelors studies should complete three compulsory options for the Bachelor´s thesis
BPp_% Bachelor´s Thesis – Project
BP_% Bachelor´s Thesis
BPd_% Bachelor´s Thesis - Completion
A student of Masters studies should complete three compulsory options  for the Master´s thesis
DPp_% Master´s Thesis - Project
DP_% Master´s Thesis
DPd_% Master´s Thesis - Completion
(% sign in the codes stands for a two- to three-letter abbreviation of a respective department)


In the academic year AUTUMN 2010 / SPRING 2011 it will be possible to enrol in these courses at the same time, but in the following years a student should enrol in the course BPp_% Bachelor´s Thesis - Project in the fourth semester, BP_% Bachelor´s Thesis in the fifth semester, BPd_% Bachelor´s Thesis – Completion in the sixth semester of a Bachelors study and DPp_% Master´s Thesis - Project in the second semester, DP_% Master´s Thesis in the third semester, DPd_% Master´s Thesis - Completion in the fourth semester of a Masters Follow-up study or in the 8th to 10th semesters of a five-year Masters study, if he/she plans to finish studies within a standard time. The courses will be restricted by prerequisites so that the student must work on the thesis (BP/DP) over three semesters.


Click in the IS on: Student --> Registration and enrolment in courses --> Add courses by the PdF template --> Registration templates --> Template for registration and bachelor´s theses check or Template for registration and Master´s theses check.

Does completion of the courses Bachelor´s thesis (BP) / Master´s thesis (DP) count as completion of compulsory options?

No, compulsory options for BP/DP make up a special group outside the framework of other compulsory options.

I am not able to enrol in the course BP_%/DP_% as there is a prerequisite; what shall I do now?

The courses BP_%/DP_% and BPd_%/DPd_% are restricted by prerequisites on purpose. It is so for security reasons. To sit for the state final exam, you must pass all three courses with the new code, so you cannot enrol in the course BP_%/DP_% in the Autumn semester 2010 and Spring semester 2011 unless you have successfully completed or you are enrolled at the same time in the course which preceded it, i.e. BPp_%/DPp_% . Similarly, the courses BPd_%/DPd_% will not be possible to enrol in unless you have enrolled in or passed the course BP_%/DP_% 


  • How is the timetable made?
    A student determines his/her timetable by enrolment in courses = only the enrolled courses are displayed in the timetable in the IS.
  • When is the timetable published?
    Information about the date of publication of the timetable can be found in the Schedule, the date refers to students of full-time as well as combined modes.
  • Where will I find my timetable?
    Students will find their timetable in the IS. Click on the left bar on Timetable --> My timetable of a student.
  • How about the timetable in courses which have seminar groups?
    If a course has seminar groups, the student´s “own“ seminar group will show up in the timetable only after s/he applies to join the seminar group.
    Students can apply to join seminar groups in the period stipulated by the Schedule.
  • Which seminar group should I choose?
    When applying to join seminar groups, follow the notes in individual seminar groups and apply to join only those groups which state your field of study. Students who apply to join a different seminar group may be excluded from the seminar group by the teacher.

    ATTENTION: An exception is made for students from the field Teacher for Primary Schools and Teacher for Kindergartens. These students are divided at the beginning of their study into study groups on the basis of a foreign language which they are going to study. They are then divided into seminar groups by the Study Department according to these study groups, following the instructions from individual departments. These students´ “own“ seminar group then shows up only after they are added to a relevant seminar group by the Study Department.
  • Some lectures are shown in the timetable with a higher number of classes than stated in the study catalogue. Should I attend all of them?
    No, for example, the course SZ2BP_UFI – Introduction to Philosophy – 4 hours a week in the timetable – only 2 hours a week in the study catalogue. It is up to the student which 2 hours of lectures he/she chooses (each two-hour lecture in one week contains the same topic of the covered subject matter). The procedure is analogous in other cases; the important thing is the number of hours stated in the study catalogue.
  • My courses overlap, what should I do?
    This may happen. If the overlap affects two compulsory courses for your field of study which have compulsory attendance, contact Mrs Kučerová (as it may be a mistake). However, if one of the courses is compulsory and the other is not, you have to decide which one you will attend. Or you have to consider whether you can manage to attend both of them (as not all courses require compulsory attendance).
  • How to change the timetable?
    Usually, it is not possible. If the teacher agrees, you can attend a different seminar group from that determined for your field of study.
  • The timetable for a course does not show up, what should I do?
    To find out when the classes wil be, contact the relevant department or the teacher of the course with the query.

State final exams

  • Where can I find basic information about the state final exam?
    General information about the organisation and content of the examinations is given in the State final examinations section.

  • Do I have to apply for the state final exam (hereinafter SZZ)?
    Yes, you have to apply. Please fill in the right form and submit it via e-mail (uč to Ms Barbora Halfarová ( all basic information are available in the State final examinations section.

  • By what date do I have to register for the exam?
    The dates are listed in the State final examinations section.

  • Who should I submit my application for the state final examination to?
    Submit the application only once, either in the office hours to your study clerk, or you can put it into the letterbox of the Study Department, or send it by post to the address of the Study Department.
  • I am studying for a Bachelor's degree, how do I prepare for the final exam, which will be a written test?
    The Departments of Education and Psychology prepared the basis for the test preparation. There are areas from which the test questions will come. The areas are available in the State final examinations section.
  • Can I split the state final examination?
    The state final examination in single-subject studies cannot be divided into several semesters.
  • Do I have to gain 20 or 45 credits, respectively, in the last semester of my studies when I apply for the state final examination and I am going to finish my studies?
    If it is your really last semester, in other words, that you are applying for the final state exam in this semester, it is not necessary to gain 20 or 45 credits, respectively.

  • What if I get an "F" in one of my state final exams? When do I have to sign up for a resit?
    At the earliest possible date of the next state final examinations period. In the Autmn term the examination takes place in January/February, in the Spring semester in May/June.

Final thesis

  • General information
    Each student must write a final thesis during their studies. The student can choose a topic of the final thesis according to their interests and in compliance with their field of study. He/she consults the intention with a potential supervisor, who can specify the topic more, accept it or turn it down.     
  • How to choose the topic for a BP/DP
    Agree with the planned supervisor of your thesis on the provisional topic according to your interests. On the basis of this provisional agreement either sign up for a topic already offered by the teacher in the package of topics or suggest your own topic. Technically, it is possible in the IS that your supervisor fills in the topic, but it is not his/her duty and the student has no right to demand it.
  • How to choose a topic in the package
    Complete the topic in the package at the department at which you are writing the thesis. You will find the procedure in the Help with the IS.
  • Where to post the PROJECT OF BP/DP?
    The project is filled in in the box “Official assignment“ in your topic. The instructions on editing the topic can be found in the Help with the IS.
  • When and where do I post an annotation and key words?
    The annotation and key words are entered only into the archives of final thesis. You will enter them into boxes determined for this purpose and the IS will generate text documents out of them by itself. These text documents will not be uploaded into the archives (you are not to upload them as a file into the archives).
  • By what date do I have to fill in the final title in the topic?
    The final title in Czech and English must be filled in in your topic by 20 March (inclusive) if you submit your thesis in the spring semester, or by 10 November (inclusive) if you submit your thesis in the autumn semester (after this date, the current information will be transferred from the topic into the archives of the thesis, which will become available to the student for uploading the thesis). Be careful! Later updates of the topic will not appear in the archives.
  • How should I update the title, add an English title of the topic and so on?
    For instructions about editing the topic see Help with the IS.
  • By when and to whom do I have to submit the thesis?
    Submit the thesis in print to the department (according to the individual departments´ instructions) and its electronic version is downloaded to the IS. Both versions (printed and electronic) must be identical. It will be possible to upload your thesis in the Information System only after the clerk copies the topic into the archives, i.e. about
    25 March if you submit the thesis in the spring semester or around 15 November if you submit your thesis in the autumn semester. You must upload the thesis into the IS by 20 April (if you submit the thesis in the spring semester) or by 10 December (if you submit the thesis in the autumn semester). Be prepared for the fact that most students submit their theses at the last moment and the system is overloaded, so it takes longer to upload the thesis.


  • How is a request submitted?
    Some requests are filed through the Information System, other must be sent by post to the Study Department on a printed form.     
  • Where will I find request forms?
    On the web of PdF.
  • Which requests are submitted through the IS?
    • Request for enrolment in the next semester – the request is submitted in the period determined for this, see the Schedule. Guidelines for filing a request are in Help with the IS.
    • Request for permission not to repeat an elective course – it is submitted in the examination period of the semester in which the course has been enrolled. Guidelines for filing a request are in Help with the IS.
    • Request for an exception from enrolment – it is submitted in the period of Enrolment and Changes in Enrolment, see the Schedule. Guidelines for filing a request are in Help with the IS.
  • Which requests are submitted in print to the Study Department?
    • Request for interruption of study  download the form on the website of the Faculty of Education, fill it in and submit to the clerk. If you interrupt during the examination period, according to the Study and Examination Rules (SZR) you must meet the conditions of passing to the next semester before interrupting your study.
    • Return after interruption – report return after interruption to your study clerk using the form Report on re-enrolment in study after interruption.
    • Request for recognition of courses – according to SZR, it is possible to recognize parts of previously completed study. When making the request, follow this procedure:
      1.) In the periods of registration, enrolment or changes in enrolment register for courses which you want to have recognized. Do not worry if the code has not changed and the course cannot be enrolled in – the registration will be red and an error notice will pop up saying that the course was successfully completed in the past – this is correct.
      2.) Download the form on the website of PdF and fill it in.
      3.)  For students of full-time mode:  Go to the department with a completed form, have the department´s recommendation filled in and submit the completely filled-in form to your study clerk.
      For students of combined mode: Submit the form to your study clerk (for students of a combined form of study the statement of the department is ensured by the study clerk).
    • Request for an exception from the Study and Examination Rules (SZR) – if you request any exception from the SZR, your request is assessed by the Vice-Dean for study affairs and s/he will consider if s/he approves of the request. The legal deadline for handling a request is 30 days, but we usually manage to process a request faster. If you do not receive any reaction to your request from the Study Department within 30 days, contact your clerk.
      How to submit a request:
      Download the form Request | Universal form, fill it in (state all circumstances briefly and clearly) and submit it to the Study Department along with relevant documents (e.g. a doctor´s certificate if the reason for request is an illness etc.).
      To whom and where exactly shall I submit the written request for an exception from the SZR:
      There are several places where you can submit the form, but you should choose just one; you can send it by post to the Study Department´s address, put it in the letterbox of the Study Department in Poříčí 7/9, submit it in office hours to Mrs Mejzlíková or to your clerk. The Study Department assigns the request a reference number and passes it to the Vice-Dean to consider.

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