Faculty of Education in dates

  • 1918

    First thought about establishing the Faculty of Education

    The first conversation about establishing the Faculty of Education (Faculty for Teachers) were held during the preparations for the new law about Masaryk University.

  • 1945

    Decree of the President of the Republic on Education of Teachers No. 132/1945 Coll.

    “Teachers of schools of all grades and types receive education at Pedagogical and other faculties (departments) of universities. The establishment of these faculties (departments) will be adjusted separately.”

    Decree of the President of the Republic No. 132/1945 Coll.
  • 1946

    Establishing the Faculty of Education at Masaryk University

    The new faculty was created and the first dean was appointed František Trávníček.

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  • 1948

    First professorial appointments 

    Outside 3 regular professors, who were already professor before 1948, dr. Karel Galla, Eduard Milén and Josef Trtílek and 3 extraordinary professors dr. Zdeněk Hájek, dr. Josef Hrabák and dr. Theodore Martinec, newly became members of the faculty, were entrusted with lectures and seminars: FrFrantišek Trávníček, Vilém Chmelař, Antonín Bělař, František Doubrava, Josef Dvořáček, Josef Kabrda, Karel Koutský, Karel Kubíček, František Kubišta, Helena Puchljaková, František Svěrák, Bohumír Štědroň, Růžena Tesařová, Karel Uhl, Bohumil Urban, Karel Vondráček, Jindřich Závodník.

  • 1950

    Establishing the distance studies for teachers in active service

    In 1950, faculty seminars were reorganized into departments and departments were established, such as the Department of Czech Language and Literature, the Department of History, Geography and Civics, the Department of Biology and others.

  • 1953

    Separation of the faculty from the University framework and its reorganization to the Higher Pedagogical School in Brno

    In 1953, the Faculty of Education was separated from the University and in 1953–1959 it was transformed into the Higher School of Education.

  • 1959

    Conversion of the Higher Pedagogical School to the Pedagogical Institute in Brno

    In 1959 the Higher School of Education was transformed into a pedagogical institute, while in 1959-1964 the teaching was provided by the pedagogical institutes of Brno, Jihlava and Zlín.

  • 1964

    Resumption of Faculty of Education

    In 1964, the Faculty of Education was renewed and became a part of the University, led by prof. RNDr. Josef Trtílek.

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  • 1977

    Reform of study – teaching of general subjects in education was intoduced also for secondary schools

    Since 1977, the new education system introduced four-year study for first-level teachers and five-year study for second-level teachers and secondary school teachers.


  • 1982

    Graduation of the first honorary doctor of the faculty – Olga Danilovna Mitrofanová
  • 1995

    Inauguration of the new building Poříčí 9/11, the first building built for the faculty
  • 2005

    Installation of the Solar Power Plant on the roof of Poříčí 31
    In April 2005, the largest solar power plant in the Czech Republic with an estimated annual output of 40 MWh was commissioned at our faculty. Proper operation was launched in January 2006.

    You can view more detailed statistics online
  • 2014

    Inauguration of the new building Poříčí 31a, the Center of Research Institutes and Doctoral Studies (CVIDOS) and the Central Library of MU
    The Center of Research Institutes and Doctoral Studies associates five institutes and their teams that are researching in specific areas following up on already realized research activities, aiming at their interconnection and crossing the framework of one faculty (university), by creating a network on national and international level.

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  • 2019

    Opening of the Kafinet café

    On 18 February 2019, the Kafinet café was opened in the building at Poříčí 31, which serves as a training café for people returning to working life after a mental illness.

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  • 2022

    New faculty canteen

    A canteen was opened in the Poříčí 7 building along with a new student club. The cost of construction exceeded 40 million CZK.

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