Dean’s Directive No. 3/2021

Tuition Fee Payment for Studying in Study Programmes Realized in a Foreign Language

Pursuant to Sect. 28 para. 1 of Act No. 111/1998 Coll., on Higher Education Institutions and on the Modification and Amendment to Other Acts (Act on Higher Education), as amended (hereinafter referred to as the Act), I issue the directive:

Dean’s Directive No. 3/2021

Article 1 | Subject of the directive

(1) Purpose: This directive regulates the rules and conditions of the payment of tuition fee for studying in study programmes realized in a foreign language.

(2) Application: Students in study programmes realized in a foreign language.

(3) Definition of terms and abbreviations:

  • Tuition fee – tuition fee for studying in study programmes realized in a foreign language
  • MU – Masaryk University
  • PdF MU – Faculty of Education, Masaryk University

Article 2 | Tuition Fee for Studying in Study Programmes realized in A Foreign Language and Payment Conditions

(1) The tuition fee amount is set by the directive of PdF MU for the given academic year. Tuition fee does not include accommodation, food, and insurance.

(2) Tuition fee must be paid by the student or by his/her sponsor by 31 July (31/07) of the year of the student’s first semester of study. The tuition fee for the following semesters must be paid no longer than one week before the beginning of the new semester.

(3) The student who interrupts his/her studies will not pay a tuition fee for the period of interruption.

(4) The payment has to be done via MU Shopping Center where a new invoice and Variable Symbol is issued and given to the student. The student is obliged to use this Variable Symbol for his/her payment of the tuition fee.

(5) The tuition fee will not be refunded if:

a) the student has paid but has not taken up his/her study, and has failed to report this fact within one month from the beginning of the given semester to the Internationalization and International Relations Division, PdF MU,
b) the student abandoned his/her studies during the semester on his/her own free will,
c) his/her study was terminated for the failure to meet the requirements of the Degree Programme set in the Study and Examination Rules,
d) his/her study was terminated for committing a serious disciplinary offence.

(6) The student who requires a visa and who is denied one will be refunded 90 % of the already paid tuition fee only if they provide the PdF MU with a decision in writing of a visa refusal.

Article 3 | Final Provisions

(1) The vice-dean for internationalization is entrusted with the interpretation of individual provisions in this directive.

(2) This directive shall be valid on the date of its signing.

(3) This directive comes into force on the date of its publishing.

In Brno on 29 June 2021

doc. PhDr. Jiří Němec, Ph.D.

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