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Inkluzivní vzdělávání se zřetelem na věkové skupiny a druhy postižení (IVZVSDP)

Project Identification
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1/2011 - 12/2011
Investor / Pogramme / Project type
Masaryk University
MU Faculty or unit
Faculty of Education
Inclusion, social inclusion, special educational needs, disability, social disadvantage, the pupil with special educational needs

The presented project Inclusive education with regard to age groups and types of disability is primarily based on the aim of research project MSM0021622443 Special needs of pupils in context of the Framework Education Programme for Basic Education. Research plan, whose researcher is the prof. PhDr. Marie Vitková, CSc., is realized in 2007-2013 by Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University ( / wsedu). On resolution of the project are involved in both academic staff of the Faculty of Education and its students, especially students in doctoral degree programs.
The subject of the research project, solved as an applied research, is the systematic creative activity in area of inclusion of pupils with special educational needs into the basic school, with emphasis on gradual implementation of the Framework Educational Programme for Basic Education (FEP) and classwork according to the school education programs (SEPs). The aim is to analyze the social determinants of education of pupils with special educational needs in the Czech Republic, in comparison with the results of foreign research in following areas: legislative framework for school integration, support for pupils with SEN at mainstream school, the curriculum - differentiated curriculum, the usage of alternative (innovative) methods, the role of special educator in the process of school education, forms of further education of educators of integrated pupils, parental attitudes to inclusion, etc.


The aims of the project were fulfilled. The research results are elaborated in the chapters of the monograph KLENKOVÁ, J., VÍTKOVÁ, M. (ed.) Inclusive Education – Provisions for Different Age Groups and Disabilities. Brno: MU, 2011. ISBN 978-80-210-5731-9; in the book PANČOCHA, K. (eds.) Perspektivy výzkumu inkluzivního vzdělávání. Brno: MU, 2011, ISBN 978-80-210-5663-3. The postgraduate students and the academic specialists presented the results of their research during the workshops on the occasion of the conference of the Research project MSM0021622443 The conference took place the 7th September 2011 at the Faculty of Education of the Masaryk University. The papers from the conference related to the Research Project are published in the collection of abstracts VÍTKOVÁ, M., OPATŘILOVÁ, D. (eds.) Inclusive Education of Students with Health Disabilities in Primary School. Education of Students with Special Educational Needs. The collection from the conference with the international attendance. The full text versions of the papers are presented on CD-ROM, ISBN 978-80-7315-216-1.


Total number of publications: 22

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