Equal Opportunities Audit at the Faculty of Education contributed to the creation of the MU GEP

9 Feb 2022

An Equal Opportunities Audit was conducted at the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University in 2021 (April-July). Through employee engagement, the faculty received relevant feedback on the current organisational culture, work-life balance, gender dimension (not only in research and innovation), perception of gender equality, etc.

The audit highlighted that the MU Faculty of Education explicitly states its commitment to promote gender equality in the Strategic Plan 2021-2028. The faculty is already engaged in research on the gender dimension in education, resulting in a wide range of research theses from bachelor's to doctoral level. Nowadays, the faculty also offers two courses focused on gender topics, namely Gender and Sexuality in School and Gender-Sensitive Education.

The audit organisation also appreciated the faculty's openness towards people with disabilities and/or social disadvantages. On the faculty premises, there is the training café Kafinet run by Podané ruce, o.p.s. and the Open Art Studio, which creates a space for artists with disabilities.

The audit outcome was a comprehensive overview of the current situation of the faculty in the determined areas and the formulation of proposals and recommendations for the future period. Many of the audit´s key areas are already being developed through HR Award activities. These include, for example, the area of staff evaluation, management of maternity and parental leave, setting up a comprehensive system for the onboarding of new employees at FeD MU, the use of gender-sensitive language in internal documents, and the propagation of the faculty, etc.

The outputs of the Faculty of Education (together with results from other MU faculties) were used by the Masaryk University Rector's Office to develop The Masaryk University Gender Equality Plan (GEP MU) for 2022-2024.

Due to the Gender Equality Plan implementation at Masaryk University and the fact that the Faculty of Education of MU is also a holder of the HR Excellence in Research Award (HR Award), the Faculty fulfills two of the four conditions for applying for European grant programmes. That means receiving a higher bonification and demonstrating an advanced level of human resources management, among other things.

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