Open and Respectful Environment at MU Faculty of Education

Contribute in creating a safe, tolerant, and respectful workplace.


Safe and Respectful Environment

A safe and respectful environment is a prerequisite for effective learning at all types of educational institutions. Therefore, it is important that the Faculty of Education presents such an environment for all its students and employees. On this website, you will find information and documents that will help all of us to contribute towards creating a culture in which discrimination and other undesirable behavior is not tolerated. It covers prevention, the identification, and resolution of problem situations.

Non-discrimination Statement

At the MU Faculty of Education, we promote equal opportunities; job applicant has the chance to get a job regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, social or other disadvantages. Selection procedures are carried out in accordance with the MU Selection Procedure Regulations.

Protection of the Rights

Impartial and effective protection of the rights is guaranteed by the MU Ombudsperson.

Support for Individuals with Specific Needs

Masaryk University is open to people with a disability and/or social disadvantage. The Teiresiás Centre offers assistance in accessing information and a physical space

Ensuring MU's accessibility for people with specific needs is anchored in MU's internal documents.

Faculties' Social Responsibility

We support activities aimed at the social inclusion of people with disabilities or disadvantages. In the Faculty premises, you will find, among others, the Kafinet Café, the Threshold Association, the Open Art Studio for artists with disabilities, the ABA Centre for the education of children with autism, and the Cabinet of Theatre of the Oppressed.

Preventing and Addressing Inappropriate Conduct and Sexual Harassment

At the Faculty of Education, we do not tolerate inappropriate behavior or sexual harassment, (either in relation to students or employees). Teachers are expected to create a safe and respectful environment for all. Behaviors such as flirting or engaging in emotional and sexual relationships are detrimental to individual students and their educational paths, as well as to entire student groups as they introduce toxic dynamics. Nor can disrespectful comments referring to gender, ethnicity, or other characteristics of learners be tolerated as they fundamentally undermine trust and the relationship with the educational institution.

Equality, respect, and dignity are core values underpinning our education and research activities. Therefore, transparent procedures and policies have been developed to ensure that all those who study or work at our Faculty are protected from unwanted behavior.

Addressing Inappropriate Conduct and Sexual Harassment

If you have been subjected to sexual harassment or have witnessed sexual harassment, please contact one of the contact persons or the MU Ombudsperson. They offer the opportunity to discuss possible solutions and to file an investigation or complaint. The resolution will follow the methodology and procedures set out for dealing with inappropriate behavior and sexual harassment.

Gender and Equal Opportunities

The Faculty explicitly commits to promoting gender equality in its Strategic Plan 2021-2028.

Gender Equality Plan (GEP)

The Equal Opportunities Audit of the Faculty of Education focused on the existing organizational culture, work-life balance, gender dimension in teaching and research, perception of gender equality, etc. The audit contributed to the development of MU's GEP for 2022-2024.

Gender Working Group

The Working Group focuses on raising awareness of gender issues, conducts awareness-raising activities, collaborates with experts in the field, participates in setting good practices, and conducts workshops. Would you like to cooperate with us? Great, get in touch.
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Work-life Balance

At our faculty, employees can work even if they are caring for a child or other family member. Information on maternity and parental leave is available on the website. If you are caring for a loved one or dealing with the HR Department to discuss all employment options with you. We also offer a donation to the PiDi Muňátka children's group, which operates right in the faculty building.

Gender Sensitive Communication

At the Faculty, we communicate in gender-sensitive language. The Gender Sensitive Communication Guide offers examples and an overview of the guiding principles for using gender-sensitive language in practice.
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Supporting Infrastructure

We ensure that our buildings provide convenient facilities for all. Parents of young children are supported by a kitchen, a pram room, and baby changing facilities. We make our buildings accessible to people with physical or sensory disabilities. We run a canteen and a children's group called PiDi Muňátka.

Gender Dimension in Research

It is important to us that our research has a positive impact on both the education system and the specific populations we serve. We carefully consider the impact our research activities have on those who participate in them when planning, conducting research and presenting the results. We take care to ensure that our research activities are diverse in their subject matter, methodological approaches, and data collection techniques, so that our research activities do not neglect important population groups in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, education, health status, and other characteristics, and reflect diverse needs, perspectives, and life experiences.

Other Activities

  • All employees, regardless of their gender, are given the opportunity and support to present their results at our faculty.
  • Selection committees are assembled to be gender-balanced.
  • We also ensure equality in symbolic terms, for example in the portrayal of men and women on the faculty website and other promotional materials.

Ethics, Data Protection and Intellectual Property

We emphasize the ethical conduct of all faculty members. We respect the MU Code of Ethics. We take care to protect personal data and manage the use and protection of intellectual property. Researchers follow ethical principles in their research and publication work and cooperate with the Research Ethics Committee.

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