Education for Diversity and Inclusion

New bachelor's degree full-time study program in English

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Study at the prestigious Masaryk University
Brno - Czechia



Study mode

Full-time (in-presence)




3 years

Tuition fee

2.400 Eur/Year

Application deadline

29 February 2024

Think different

An innovative programme reflecting current challenges and trends in education for the 21st century with regard to culturally sensitive education.

Open the door to your career

In the private sector, the graduates are needed as coaches/facilitators in global businesses to promote an interculturally inclusive environment for multinational and multilingual workforces.

You'll put all the theory into practice

The highlight of your practice and community engagement will come in the fourth semester when you go on a 12-week long internship abroad in schools, NGOs, or civil service departments across Europe or overseas.

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What will you learn?

The three-year bachelor’s degree in Education for Diversity and Inclusion is for students committed to making a difference as educators, social workers, or coaches and facilitators in today’s global and multicultural world. This interdisciplinary degree will enable you to actively engage in differing perspectives and develop intercultural competencies and transversal skills in three tracks of your choice:

1) education and psychology
2) social education
3) special and inclusive education

You will be provided with opportunities to gain a broad theoretical and practical understanding of diversity and inclusion in a range of intercultural contexts and educational settings. You will engage in community work and practices in schools, NGOs, civic associations, and social centers in the Czech Republic as well as abroad during one-semester internship.

Learning by doing: Practical training!

Already during the first semester you will familiarize with educational processes, systems and policies in local schools and organizations. In the second semester you can choose the experience of observing the conditions of education of pupils with special educational needs. In the third semester you can do a teaching assistant practice at school, or you can tutor children in socially disadvantaged families. Throughout your practice, you can share your experience and different perspectives with Czech students, who will help you navigate yourself through culturally complex situations and provide you with a language assistance, if needed.

The highlight of your practice and community engagement will come in the fourth semester when you go on a 12-week long, 15-credit international internship abroad in schools, NGOs, or civil service departments across Europe or overseas. You will receive predeparture preparation, ongoing support during your stay abroad, and guided debriefings when you return.

Career opportunities

Education for Diversity and Inclusion leads to a range of employment opportunities in both local and international labor markets, in the educational sector, in schools, organizations, non-profit and profit organizations and where there is a demand for policies and practices of equal access to education and inclusion of learners of diverse backgrounds. In the private sector, the graduates are needed as coaches/facilitators in global businesses to promote an interculturally inclusive environment for multinational and multilingual workforces.

Follow-up studies

It is expected that graduates of the proposed programme will pursue their study in a follow-up Master’s degree programme in English focusing on Leadership skils in Education that that will be created at the Faculty of Education following the proposed study programme. Graduates with an interest in the special and inclusive education track will be also able to pursue Master’s study degree in Special Education in English at the faculty.

Application starts on 1st of November 2023
Apply online till 29th of February 2024

Courses - curriculum examples

1. semester

  • Adapation and integration
  • Inclusive education and intercultural education
  • School and educational institution
  • Study skills in English 1
  • Introduction to Education and Psychology
  • Introduction to Education and Psychology (sem)
  • Personal and Social Education
  • Special and Inclusive Education

2. semester

  • Engaging Diversity in Communication with Cultural Others
  • Study skills in English 2
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Education for All – Experiences from Practice
  • Educational Communication
  • Educational Psychology
  • Outdoor education and drama education
  • Specific Learning Disability
  • Theory and Methodology of Education

3. semester

  • Intercultural Pedagogy, Teaching and Learning across cultures
  • Introduction to Project Management and Writing
  • Research in Education
  • Self experience preparation for profession
  • Education for All – Experiences from Practice 2
  • Practice Teaching Assistant - Assisting
  • Practice Teaching Assistant - Tutoring

4. semester

  • International Internship Reflection
  • International mobility/internship
  • International Teaching Practice

5. semester

  • Edupreneurship
  • Global Learning and Social Justice
  • Project writing
  • Reflective experiential learning
  • Alternative and Innovative Education
  • Educational Assessment of students
  • Teaching and learning (in) the circle

6. semester

  • Current Approaches and Theories in Education
  • Project completion
  • Project presentation and peer-review
  • Global Development Education in Teachers Training
  • Support of Student's Self-development through Coaching Techniques

Highlighted coursers are mandatory

Detailed information about study plan

Study information

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Markéta Košatková, Ph.D.

“We have created a new study programme, but only you will give it real meaning. I look forward to meeting you!”

Markéta Košatková, Ph.D.
Study Programme Guarantor and the Teacher

LinkedIn profile

Zdeněk Janík, Ph.D.

“I look forward to the three years of working with you, after which you will become the leaders in education in the globalised world.”

Zdeněk Janík, Ph.D.
Co-author of the Study Programme and the Teacher


Can I study online?

No, the study takes place in Brno at Masaryk University. Though, it's a great opportunity to experience a new culture and meet new friends.

Is there an application Fee?

Yes, there is an administrative fee associated with each application submitted. Without paying it, your application will not be valid.

Can I pay in instalments?

It is possible to apply for a payment plan. Your request will be considered by the committee. If you need to pay in instalments, contact the Admission Office

What currency can I pay in?

At the moment it is possible to pay in Euros or Czech crowns via bank transfer. 

Do I need recognition of my foreign education?

Recognition of foreign education is a must along with the entrance exam. It is an administrative part of the admission procedure. No one can be enrolled in the studies without recognition of their previous foreign education.

What documents do I need for verification of my previous education?

You are going to need:

  1. High school diploma in English (or notarized copy of the diploma that is translated)
  2. Apostille/Super-legalization of your high school diploma in case you need it (check here)
  3. Confirmation of accreditation of your high school

Have everything ready as soon as possible.

What will be assessed in the admissions process?
  1. A motivation letter (max. 500 words) in which you explain why you are interested in the study program you are applying for.
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. The online interview which will be 10-15 minutes long and will take place on Zoom or Skype (both audio and video are required).
  4. English proficiency certificate (if required)
Do I need a visa?

If you come from an EU member country you are exempt from student visa requirements.

If you com from countries outside of the EU you must apply for a long-term visa (recommended) or residence permit for the purpose of studies.

More info can be found here.

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Admission Office

Mgr. Bc. Milena Alday Delgado

Assistant for international relations

Office: bldg. B/1030
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603 00 Brno
Phone: +420 549 49 1606

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