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    What principles are applied during the selection procedure?

    The selection procedure for academic staff members, as well as for other employees, is carried out in accordance with the Masaryk University Selection Procedure Regulations.
    Equal opportunity requirements are respected, including taking into account the specifics of people’s individual social groups and the specifics of people with sensory and physical disabilities. There shall be no discrimination or unequal treatment on the grounds of age, sex, social, or other disadvantages during the selection procedure.
    We respect the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We handle applicants’ personal data carefully to ensure no unauthorized handling occurs. Within the faculty’s HR Strategy, when recruiting and selecting employees we also respect the principles of OTM-R recruitment (open, transparent, and merit-based recruitment).

    Can the selection procedure be interrupted or cancelled?

    Yes, the announcer may extend, interrupt, or cancel the selection procedure.

    How many rounds does the selection procedure at the Faculty of Education have?

    The selection procedure at the Faculty of Education MU usually has two rounds. After the deadline for receiving applications, the first administrative round takes place, in which the sent materials and their compliance with the requirements of the position are evaluated. Applicants whose profile and experience best meet the requirements of the position (considering the needs of the unit) are then invited to the second round of the selection procedure for an interview with the selection committee.

    Phases of the selection procedure:

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    What form does the selection interview take?

    The selection interview usually takes the form of a semi-structured interview, which may be linked to knowledge testing, personality tests, case studies, and attestation from additional materials or other documents verifying the compliance of the applicant’s profile with the requirements of the job.


    How do I apply for a job vacancy?

    You can find information on how to apply for a job vacancy in the relevant advert. First, you need to fill in the e-application form (see the link in the electronic application section in the advert) and upload the required documents. After successfully submitting your e-application, you will receive automatic confirmation of its submission and then be informed of the subsequent procedure.

    Where can I find out what the requirements for a published position are?

    The requirements for a given position are published in the text of the advert for the announced position in the section Our requirements/What are our requirements.

    What is the deadline for submitting applications for the selection procedure?

    The application submission deadline is at least 30 days from the announcement of an academic position, and usually at least 14 days for other positions (i.e. non-academic).  This deadline is always specified in the job advert.

    Can I apply for the selection procedure even after the deadline of the application period has passed?

    Once the application deadline (stated in the advert) has passed, it is no longer possible to apply for the given job.

    How many applicants is the job vacancy open for?

    The number of vacancies (open jobs) is published directly in the job description advert.

    When will the applicant know the outcome of the selection procedure?

    The announcer will notify all applicants of the result of the selection procedure without delay after the decision has been made.

    How is the winner of the selection procedure announced?

    The name of the selected applicant is published on the MU website after the selection procedure is finished. All applicants are informed about its outcome.

    When can I expect a response on the possible referral or non-referral to the next round of the selection procedure?

    All applicants are continuously informed about the progress of the selection procedure, about their referral or non-referral within individual rounds, as well as about the outcome of the selection procedure.


    What form does the application take?

    For selection procedures at the Faculty of Education MU, we accept applications submitted electronically, in the form of so-called e-applications.

    What documents do I need to submit with my application?
    The e-application for a selection procedure requires you to provide the materials specified in the advert for the given position. These are usually:

    • a structured curriculum vitae in PDF format,
    • a motivation letter in PDF format,
    • a copy of the documents of your highest educational attainment (without a notarial certificate),
    • other (e.g. an overview of publishing activities; references from 1–2 recent employers).

    In the event of a failure to submit required documents when submitting an e-application, the applicant may be asked (only once) to present them by a specific date. If they do not deliver the materials by the expiration of the deadline, they will not be admitted to the next round of the selection procedure for interview.


    How many members are on the selection committee for each selection procedure?

    The number of committee members when selecting academic positions must be odd, and consist of no less than five members (including the chairperson). The number of members for other positions (i.e. non-academic) is not fixed.

    Who is a member of the committee?
    Committee members are always representatives of the unit for which the selection procedure is announced, usually including the head of such unit. For the job of associate professor, professor, researcher III and IV, and extraordinary professor, the committee must also include a foreign expert (a person of foreign nationality not permanently active in the Czech Republic; in exceptional cases, a Czech citizen not active in the Czech Republic may also be considered a foreign expert). 

    The committee may not include a person in a close personal relationship with the applicant, or a person who is themselves applying for the position.


    Where can I find job vacancies (current open positions)?

    Current vacancies (open positions) at the Faculty of Education can be found advertised in English here:

    All job vacancies at Masaryk University can be found on the website of Masaryk University in the section Open positions

    Where do you advertise job vacancies?

    In addition to the official website of Masaryk University and the Faculty of Education MU, we usually use the following portals for advertising:

    Faculty of Education (in Czech), (in English)

    Masaryk University (

    Prá (

    THE unijobs (

    Other portals according to sectoral practices, or Facebook, LinkedIn, Indeed (, and Euraxess (EURAXESS | Researchers in Motion (


    Does the faculty support career development?

    Yes, career development is supported at the Faculty of Education. An annual evaluation of employees is conducted and development plans are set out. Persons employed at the MU FE enjoy benefits to support their development, e.g. language courses, training courses, and access to MUNI libraries are all free of charge.


    What benefits do you offer employees at FEdu MU?

    Employees of the Faculty of Education draw on a wide range of benefits. A summary is available on the webpage MU Benefits.


    What do I have to do before I start work?

    Before entering the employment relationship, an e-mail containing relevant instructions and information on entering employment is sent to the selected applicant. As part of pre-boarding formalities, the newly employed person must undergo an occupational medical examination.

    Who pays for the medical examination?

    Upon presentation of the relevant confirmation of payment, the employer will reimburse the costs of the medical examination to the employed person once they have started work.

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    Where can I get up-to-date information related to the COVID-19 pandemic?

    The Faculty of Education MU operates under the university traffic-light system, which defines the current measures and restrictions in force on MU premises. The MU Crisis Board determines its level. Measures currently in force and more details on individual levels of the measure can be found at


    Where can I find the information I need regarding employment at Masaryk University (MUNI) or at one of its faculties?
    All necessary information can be found in the International Employee Guide prepared by the MUNI Centre for International Cooperation. Https://

    What is the Centre for International Cooperation?
    Masaryk University’s Centre for International Cooperation coordinates international activities for the entire university. On behalf of our students it mediates study stays and internships abroad, and organizes exchange programmes for university employees. The centre also takes care of international students and workers coming to MU on exchange programmes.

    How can the International Staff Office (ISO) help me?

    The ISO is the university advisory centre for all foreign employees who participate in MU projects for over 3 months on the basis of a long-term stay for the purpose of scientific research or a work permit.

    For more information on those areas where this organization can be helpful, please refer to


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