Personnel Office

About department
  • in cooperation with the dean and the bursar, ensures the faculty's complex personnel agenda, including keeping records in MU information systems,
  • cooperates in the development of university and faculty standards in the personnel area,
  • handles matters concerning the establishment, changes, and termination of all employment relationships, both in the main, supplementary, and other activities,
  • organizing selection procedures for the recruitment of new staff,
  • ensuring cooperation with trade unions, negotiating collective agreements,
  • manages the agenda of persons with disabilities and incapacity for work,
  • maintains staff personnel files, including EVAK records,
  • monitors which employees meet the conditions for retirement and handle their retirement or reemployment,
  • defining entitlements to annual leave for long-term sickness, monitoring the use of annual leave on an ongoing basis,
  • dealing with requests for adjustments to working time,
  • keep under review the remuneration of staff in accordance with the internal pay regulations,
  • keeping records of life anniversaries,
  • keeping records of job descriptions and signature specimens as part of staff personnel files,
  • cooperates with the relevant state and local government institutions,
  • prepares the payroll plan as a basis for the creation of the Faculty budget,
  • prepares documents for statistical and other reports on employees,
  • continuously controls the use of payroll funds by activity and by contract,
  • records the attendance and absenteeism of the Dean's Office departments and enters the data into the personnel and payroll system,
  • ensuring staff appraisal and training,
  • enters data on staff into the HR and payroll system,
  • distributes meal vouchers to employees,
  • organizes and provides training for senior staff,
  • provides induction training for new employees,
  • keeping records and investigating occupational and school accidents and occupational diseases,
  • prepares documents for the preparation of the MU PdF budget and documents as instructed by the dean and the bursar.
Office hours

Office hours

Monday 9.00–11.00 
Tuesday 9.00–11.00
Wednesday 9.00–11.00 and 12.00-14.00
Thursday 9.00–11.00
Friday 9.00–11.00 
People and contacts

Head of department

Other employees

Ing. Michaela Jabůrková

Occupational health and safety services. Presence at PdF MU - every Wednesday at 14.00 - 18.00 h, on other days by prior arrangement.

Pracovna m. č. -1059, 1. PP, budova Poříčí 9
Phone: +420 773 287 810
E‑mail: ,
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