The conditions and criteria of admission are identical to those to Czech dortoral study programmes, which are available in the Faculty of Education website:


1) A condition for admission to study and enrolment in a doctoral study programme is completion of studies in a master's study programme in accordance with Section 49(3) or (5) to (7) of Act No.111/1998 Coll.

2) If it is verified on the day of enrolment that the applicant has fulfilled the conditions laid down by law and announced by the Dean, he/she will be enrolled on the same day. Another person may be authorised to carry out the enrolment if he/she presents a power of attorney with the applicant's certified signature at the enrolment.

3) An applicant who has obtained a foreign higher education degree by completing studies in a higher education programme at a foreign higher education institution demonstrates compliance with the condition referred to in paragraph 1 herein in accordance with Article 6 of MU Directive No. 2/2019 Verification of the condition of admission to study for graduates of foreign secondary and higher education.

4) Applicants shall submit the documents to prove fulfilment of the conditions for admission to study pursuant to paragraph 4 no later than the date of enrolment.

5) Assessment of the fulfilment of the admission requirement may be subject to a fee. The amount of the fee is determined in accordance with Article 29 of the Statutes of Masaryk University and Annex 2 to the Statutes of Masaryk University.


Admission examinations to the doctoral programmes at the Faculty of Education MU take place 2 times a year.

The Dean of the Faculty decides on admission/non-admission on the basis of a proposal of the examination committee and the departmental board. The departmental board recommends/does not recommend a candidate for admission based on the assessment of the documents specified below and the results of the entrance examination.

1. Application for admission and its requirements

Applications for the doctoral programme starting in the autumn semester may be submitted from 1 January to 30 April of the relevant year.

Applications for the doctoral programme starting in the spring semester may be submitted from 1 August to 30 November of the year in question.

The application for the doctoral programme is submitted electronically only. Instructions for submitting an electronic application are posted at The electronic application includes the title of the research topic, the name and consent of the expected supervisor from Masaryk University. Before submitting the application, it is necessary to contact the prospective supervisor, discuss the proposed topic with him/her and agree on future cooperation. The list of supervisors and the doctoral programme boards can be found for the specific programme at

The following materials should be attached to the online application:

  • a structured curriculum vitae (with a list of publications if appropriate),
  • evidence of educational qualifications,
  • a text specifying the research focus of the dissertation (including the introduction, state of knowledge, research objectives and questions, research methodology, expected outputs, literature) in English approved by the future supervisor at Masaryk University,
  • an overview of the applicant's professional activities in the field of the relevant doctoral programme, a list of any published results or results accepted for publication,
  • other materials as required by the individual programmes,
  • optionally, he/she may also provide other materials demonstrating his/her academic aptitude and active/responsible approach to studies (e.g. in the form of a professional and disciplinary portfolio with relevant letters of recommendation from university teachers or employers; foreign internships, etc.).

The requirements of individual study programmes are listed on the Faculty of Education MU website.

Admission exams are conducted via an online interview via MS Teams, Zoom or Skype (both audio and video are required). The interview usually takes 20 minutes.

2. Entrance exam to doctoral programmes

The entrance examination to doctoral study programmes implemented at the Faculty of Education MU consists of:

  • A professional debate on the submitted topic of the dissertation's research focus prepared by the candidate in the range of 6 - 12 standard pages - 50 points
  • Verification of the English language skills - 20 points
  • Verification of knowledge in the scientific field - 30 points

The examination committee, which is appointed for each doctoral programme on the basis of a proposal by the Dean of the Faculty, is composed of at least three members.

Each part of the entrance examination is evaluated with points.

The pass mark for admission is 60 points, with a maximum of 100 points. At the same time, in none of the three parts of the entrance examination may the score be less than half of the maximum score in that part.

On the basis of the online interview and the examination of certified copies of all the above documents, the applicant may or may not be admitted to the course. The assessment of the documents is carried out by a committee composed of members appointed by the Dean of the Faculty.

In the event that a greater number of applicants meet the admission requirements, the ranking of the best applicants, based on the results of the entrance examination, will be decisive.


1) This document was approved by the Academic Senate of the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University on 6. 12. 2022

2) This document comes into force on 6. 12. 2022

3) This document becomes effective on 1. 1. 2023

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