A new MU Code of Ethics has been issued as of 1/1/2024.

The Code of Ethics is a declaration of moral values and general moral principles relevant to the academic environment to which Masaryk University and its university community actively subscribe. As familiarisation with the Code of Ethics is binding for all MU students and employees, we have added it to the application for familiarisation with Regulations Agreement in the Information System.

21 Mar 2024

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The extent to which an individual human act corresponds to these values is not a matter of simple conformity or non-conformity with a particular provision, but of responsible and impartial consideration of all the moral dimensions of a given situation. MU and its university community - made up of everyone who works or studies at the university - are committed to honouring and respecting the following values:

1. Freedom and responsibility.
2. Moral and academic integrity.
3. Decency and respect.
4. the University's role in ethics and culture.

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