Celebration of Teachers' Day at Faculty of Education of MU

27 Mar 2023

29. 3. 2023




Classroom no. 1, Faculty of Education, Poříčí 7, Brno


  • 1. Introductory speech by the Dean of the Faculty doc. Simona Koryčánková

  • 2. Lecture by Professor Judita Kučerová on Folk Ballads in the Context of Musical Tradition

    Ballads form a significant part of the Czech musical and folk heritage, especially in south-eastern and eastern Moravia. In their original environment, they attracted performers and listeners mainly by their content, dramatic development of conflict situations and ethical moments. These attributes and the possibilities for aesthetic and ethical reflection also attracted creative artists (writers, artists, composers) who found in the balladic repertoire an important source of inspiration. The aim of the presentation is to highlight the power of the balladic fund in its autochthonous and stylized form (on the example of selected ballads and their parallels in artistic music) and the possibilities of its use in music pedagogical practice. This is in spite of the current globalization tendencies in society and the multiplicity of cultural expressions.

  • 3. Concert of the Department of Music Education of the Faculty of Education of Masaryk University

    1. Leoš Janáček: Na horách, na dolách (26 lidových balad, č. 20) / EN: On the mountains, on the mines (26 folk ballads, No. 20)

    Leoš Janáček: Moravská lidová poezie v písních – Nejistota, Pomluva, Hájný / EN: Moravian folk poetry in songs - Uncertainty, Slander, Hájný

    Kateřina Naučová, Vladimír Richter – singing, Petr Hala – piano

    2. Lidová balada Putovali hudci / EN: Wandering musicians

    Eduard Tomaštík, Michal Procházka – dulcimer, Michaela Šilhavíková – singing

    3. Pat Metheny: Heat of the day (arr. E. Tomaštík)

    Jakub Šíbl, Michal Procházka – dulcimer

    4. Leoš Janáček - Láska opravdivá / EN: True love

    Bedřich Smetana: Tři ženské sbory – Má hvězda, Západ slunce, Přiletěly vlaštovičky / EN: Three Women's Choirs - My Star, Sunset, Swallows Have Flown

    František Lýsek: Komáři se ženili, Měla jsem holoubka, Dolina, dolina, Nestískaj mi, šohaj, ručku / EN: The mosquitoes were getting married, I had a pigeon, Dolina, dolina, Don't squeeze my hand

    MU Faculty of Education Choir - choirmaster František Ostrý

During the event, there will be no classes until the end of the day (i.e. from 15:00 until the end of the day is a Dean´s Day).

Dean´s Day

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