Brünn - „Die ewige Vorstadt”

Title in English Brno - "The eternal suburb"


Year of publication 2022
Type Workshop
Description Motto: "Nobody stops in Brno. You just drive through Brno." (intellectuals of the fading monarchy). This city of medium size by European standards is now located in the Czech Republic, is a livable university town, and is the second largest city in the country after the capital, Prague, with which it has an ambivalent relationship. Brno was once itself the capital of Moravia, a region in the middle of what was then the Habsburg monarchy, then Czechoslovakia. Its strong ties to the Austrian capital Vienna, of which it was often referred to as a suburb, can still be felt everywhere, especially in architecture and literature. Some achievements of technology were tested in Brno before they were introduced in the capital - for example, public electric lighting or the public tramway. The city was a flourishing center of the textile industry during the monarchy, so it was called "Moravian Manchester". Some interesting urban structures were created, unmistakably reminiscent of Vienna and the Ringstrasse architecture. The buildings of the 1920s and 1930s in the functionalist style of Bauhaus architecture set standards for modern architecture. The excursion not only presents the architectural highlights, of the city, such as Villa Tugendhat, but also offers the opportunity to enjoy the young and lively atmosphere of Brno.

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