Investigation of Influence of Living and Educational Conditions on Czech Children Nutrition Risk Factors



Year of publication 2019
Type Article in Proceedings
Conference Life in Health 2019: Research and Practice. Proceedings of the International Conference held on 5–6 September 2019
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Faculty of Education

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Keywords eating habits; family environment; primary school
Description Eating habits are influenced by many aspects, which in the case of primary school pupils, are formed primarily in the family environment. Knowledge of eating habits is essential in targeted nutritional education.The aim of the research is to specify the eating habits of pupils of selected primary schools in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic with regard to the characteristics and geographical location of the school they attend and their family and socio-economic profile.A deliberate selection was made of seven primary schools that represent indicator with different values (e.g. differentiation of geographical location, different size category of municipalities, different size and number of classes, use of preventive programs, different socio-economic groups, single-parent families, families of foreigners and ethnic minorities etc.). A total of 628 questionnaires from pupils aged 11 years old (5th grade pupils) and 15years old (9th grade pupils) were assessed in total. The total proportion of boys was 51.1% and girls 48.9%. Responses were evaluated according to the level of intensity of age and gender dependence and eating habit indicators (correlation coefficient and Pearson contingency coefficient).The connection between the eating habits of primary school pupils and the geographical location, the character of the housing development and the size category of the municipality in which the school is located has not been confirmed. The results show that there is avery strong relationship between the eating habits of adolescents and the characteristics of (co) pupils, and between eating habits and the influence of the family environment.It has been shown that the school, as an institution of conscious instillation of values and its school educational program, as well as anumber of preventive actions, does not play asignificant role in shaping eating habits.
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