Autismus v edukační praxi

Title in English Autism in Educational Practice


Year of publication 2017
Type Monograph
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Description This book presents original research results in a descriptive form for applying a social relevance so that the results are readable and usable for society. The book was reviewed by two experts in autism spectrum disorders. It relates to a precisely defined issue, autism spectrum disorders, and contains methodology formulation. Both quantitative and qualitative research tools for data collection have been chosen. Formal attributes of a professional book as references to literature in the text, a list of literature, and a summary in world language are fulfilled. The book has an ISBN. The result has been generated by activities meeting the requirements of the Frascati manual for R & D activities carried out by the author or team of which the author was a member. The result can be widely used by society, especially parents and teachers of children with autism spectrum disorders, their families, teaching assistants, students of various disciplines, sympathizers, and the general public. The aim of this book is to help create a better understanding of autism for the reader through the examples of practice found throughout this book so that the people with autism can live better lives among us. This book summarizes what we already know about autism on a theoretical basis and offers authentic testimonies of parents, teachers, teaching assistants, specialists and also research results, in order to demonstrate what life with autism is like in the 21st century world. It offers insight into successful practices and also presents and analyzes practices that still fail to be fulfilled, even though the theories state that these practices should work consistently. The approaches towards the education of children with special educational needs are constantly changing due to the new legislation that highlights inclusion. The book reveals whether or not the mindset of society has changed towards children with autism and their families and demonstrates the results of how implementing the practices found in the book affects the lives of children with autism and their families. The statements and stories of others found in the book can help primarily parents, along with others who have or work with children with autism in everyday life.
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