Guiding gifted pupils and students in Czech school


JANDA Miroslav ŠŤÁVA Jan VĚCHTOVÁ Gabriela

Year of publication 2013
Type Monograph
Description The monograph is one of the final outcomes research intent MSM002122443 Special Needs of Pupils in Context FEPPE in the period 2007-2013, the researcher is prof. M. Vítková. His solution was conceived as applied, long-term intensive research, during which it was published a number of studies relating to the issue of integration of pupils with special needs, which is important to place the issue of gifted pupil. The posts are often confronted with the situation in our state of the problem in developed countries, it prevails in regard to the broader issues of talent, such as ethical aspects, questions of rewards and punishments, methods of work, the specifics of the development of talent in kindergarten and 1st. Stage The study of primary school, etc. are all based on field research, which has, however, varied in quality, but overall it provides a solid overview of the situation in our schools. You need to pick a quality sets and equipment proceedings. Proceedings is published in English, which incorporates questions legitimately gifted pupil, as it appears here, in the world context.

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