Pravopisné schopnosti žiakov 2. ročníkov ZŠ v kontexte vývinových porúch učenia

Title in English Spelling Skills in 2nd Class Pupils in the Context of Specific Learning Difficulties

BARTOŇOVÁ Miroslava SÍTHOVÁ Svetlana

Year of publication 2013
Type Chapter of a book
MU Faculty or unit

Faculty of Education

Description The claim that there has been a significant increase in the number of pupils who are, despite their great efforts and efforts of parents and teachers, unsuccessful at school will probably not surprise any expert from the school community. The causes of the failures are varied. Some are obvious at the first glance. Mainly, these comprise visual, physical, hearing, intellectual, and communication disorders. They cause problems for the child before starting school. Some causes are not obvious at the first glance. For example, disruption of eye movement coordination emerges during reading, disruption of space coordination in geometry, geography, writing, and reading. These are not related to the intellect. It can be a problem for the intact or unusually intelligent or even talented children and pupils. If learning difficulties are not assessed, parents or teachers link these problems to the student's laziness, carelessness or inattentiveness. A number of these causes can be reduced by early assessment, training and approach or even eliminated prior to the problem arises.
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