Special Education

Dear President,
I would like to introduce myself as President of EASE.
I was nominated and elected in November 2000 for this important position, which
I am very pleased to hold. A short biography is attached to this letter.

With my colleagues on the Executive Board, I intend to lead EASE in the 21st Century, as an important organisation representing the needs of individuals, practitioners and academics.

I am fortunate to be supported by an Executive Body of professionals, who cover a wide range of disciplines within the field of Special Education. They are Wolf Bloemers Vice President (Germany) Sue Panter Secretary (UK) Peter Appelhans Treasurer (Germany) Zita Sykorova (Cz Rep) Robert Ulrich (Sweden). It is our wish to extend EASE, to represent other European countries and organisations within them. To do this it is necessary to widen the membership of EASE and assure other organisations of the value of belonging to EASE.

I understand that, in my short time with EASE, the question for many of you is what does EASE offer my organisation? I accept this as a challenge. The Executive Board have met several times with this as an item on the agenda. I have held my letter to you until now, so that I can tell you that there will be:

This will not be possible unless your organisation is a member of EASE.  EASE needs your financial support to be able to do this, but it also needs your interest and action.

Therefore, my challenge to you is, what can you bring to EASE?
We will be a pro-active not re-active association. We will take the breadth of experience of our membership and build on it in a unified way that will influence decision making and the policy makers in the field. We must also influence the teachers and the teacher trainers.

We require you to support us:

Just as I have taken the challenge of leading EASE to provide useful services to member organisations and the professional within them, both practitioners and academics, I hope you will take the challenge to support EASE in its quest for excellence in the field of Special Education to benefit the people with whom we all work.

I look forward to hearing from you and most of all to receiving your support through membership of EASE.

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