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Current projects:

GA ČR GA17-15467S
Profesní vidění učitelů anglického jazyka v/po akci v komunikačních aktivitách perspektivou eye trackingu

GA ČR GA15-05122S
Between acceptance and resistance: Teachers’ perceptions of curricular changes 10 years into the reform implementation

GA ČR GA15-12956S
How context matters: professional socialisation of novice teachers

GA ČR GA15-08857S
Classroom interaction in English language teaching in higher education

GA ČR GA16-01003S
Visual geographical information and its role in geographical education

Research of educational processes, conditions, and media

Strengthening practical aspects of teacher education in the area of textbook evaluation and use

School as space of languages: multilingual reality in schools in Vienna and Brno


Projects realised in the past:

LC 06046
Research Centre on Schooling

GA ČR GA14-06480S
Producing pedagogical knowledge for improvement: altering teaching situations for the better

GA ČR GA13-21961S
Exploring professional vision and its development through video-based analysis (from the perspective of teachers of English as a foreign language)

GA ČR P407/11/0262
Quality of curriculum and instruction in school education

GA ČR P407/11/0234
An Expert Teacher: his/hercharacteristics and the determinants of his/her professional development (in the context of foreign language teaching)

GA ČR GPP407/12/P059
Opportunities to develop problem solving competence in textbooks and in the classroom

GA ČR GAP407/12/0432
Foreign Language Learning Strategies and Achievement: Analysis of Strategy Clusters and Sequences

GA ČR 407/10/0514
Pupils’ skills in biology, geography and chemistry:
research into planned, realized and achieved curriculum in implementation phase of curricular reform

GA ČR 406/06/P037
Pedagogical content knowledge as a key issue in curricular reform

GA ČR 406/05/0246
The Content Dimension of Basic School Curriculum

GA ČR 406/03/1349
Interventions into the proces of pedagogical skills development in student teaching at training school

GA ČR 406/02/1247
Tacit Pedagogical Knowledge and the Self-Regulation of the Process of its Development

School education: Research of learning conditions, teaching methods, teaching aids and curriculum (SKOLA 2016)

VideoWeb: rozvoj studentů učitelství německého jazyka pomocí videa (VideoWeb)

Basic School Curriculum: methodological approaches and empirical findings (KUME 2015)

Basic School Curriculum: methodological approaches and empirical findings (KUME 2014)

Research on School Education: Teaching methods, teaching aids and learning conditions (SKOLA 2015)

School Education: Contexts, participants, curriculum, processes, outcomes (SKOLA 2014)

School Education: Contexts, participants, curriculum, processes, outcomes (SKOLA 2013)

Research on School Education: development - state-of-the-art - outlook (VYSKOV 2013)

School Education: Contexts, participants, curriculum, processes, outcomes (SKOLA 2012)

Tools for monitoring and evaluating quality in education (NAME 2011)

Tools for monitoring and evaluating quality of curriculum and instruction in different school subjects (NAME 2010)

Languages in the School - Languages in different school subjects