Keith Bovair, MEd. BSC. FRSA

has worked in the field of Special Education, in particular emotional and behavioural difficulties and learning difficulties for 30 years. In England, since the late 1970’s he has been a teacher in charge of a unit for Intermediate Treatment in Sheffield, a Head Teacher of a residential school for pupils with emotional and behavioural difficulties in the North East, a Head Teacher of a school for pupils with moderate learning difficulties, in Cambridge, a lecturer on Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, Special Educational Needs and Counselling at the University of Birmingham and is presently, Head Teacher of a school for pupils with complex needs in Enfield.

Keith Bovair is a Past President of the National Association for Special Educational Needs (NASEN) and currently an Associate Tutor in Special Education at the University of Cambridge.

He has written and edited numerous books, chapters and articles on special education, ranging from Counselling, Curriculum Access, Aggression, Bullying, the Management of Special Education, the Role of Specialist Settings and Modern Foreign Languages. He has also lectured, provided training to lecturers, teachers and students on all of the above.

In 2000, with other special educators, he was presented to the Queen at a ceremony to celebrate Achievement in Schools, Special Education.

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