Pre-conference workshop

Vladimir Džinović (Serbian Constructivist Association)
Meet the constructivism: An introduction to Personal Construct Psychology (PCP).
This workshop is conceived as a brief introduction to Personal Construct Psychology. Our aim is to share with you some of the most inspiring ideas of PCP: constructive alternativism, person-as-scientist, behavior as an experiment, change as reconstruction and a non-pathologizing approach to psychological care.We would like to invite you to meet a psychology which believes that we have the capacity to shape our world in as many ways as our imagination allows, that we are not the victims of our biographies but are the creators and main actors of our life stories, that, with encouragement, every human being is a universe of potentials and opportunities - a psychology which has been developing its original and effective tools for more than sixty years.The workshop is designed for professionals and students in the field of human sciences, including clinicians, psychotherapists, teachers, coaches and counsellors, and those in business or working with organisations - it is for anyone who is not yet familiar with PCP and is interested in discovering new opportunities for their careers and their personal development.

About the presenter
Vladimir Džinović is a psychologist and research associate at the Institute for Pedagogical Research in Belgrade. He carries out research into the implementation of the constructivist paradigm in education and professional learning. He is particularly interested in the integration of the psychology of personal constructs, the socio-constructivist approach and the organisational study model in the field of promoting professional and personal change in teachers. He also works with methodology and the implementation of qualitative research in education. He is greatly interested in focus groups, genealogy, ethnography and qualitative research methods and techniques in the psychology of personal constructs. He is a certified constructivist therapist and facilitator. He is also an educator for constructivist therapy and counselling and constructivist coaching psychology. He published Poslušnošću do znanja (Through Obedience to Knowledge) and was the editor of the international monograph, Personal Construct Psychology in an Accelerating World. He has published numerous papers in international and domestic magazines and monographs.

Price: 900 CZK
For participation please register at by April 30th.

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