Conferences of the European Personal Construct Association (EPCA) take place biennially. Their goal is to get together students, academics and practitioners interested in the psychology of personal constructs or related psychological approaches. The EPCA conferences provide an open space for presentation, discussion and elaboration of issues related to constructivism in forms of research findings, experiences from practice or theoretical considerations. Besides the scientific program, each EPCA conference is a social event and features an inspirational cultural and social program.

For more information about the psychology of personal constructs (theory, history, literature, local associations and organizations, etc.) see the PCP portal.

An overview of current events in the constructivist field (e.g. conferences, new books, etc.) can be found at the PCP news blog.

Informace pro klinické psychology: Za účast na konferenci lze získat 5 kreditů za den (tj. celkem 15 kreditů) do celoživotního vzdělávání.

The current conference is prepared by

Organizational Committee:

Denisa Denglerová (Czech Republic)
Mary Frances (United Kingdom)
Massimo Giliberto (Italy)
Marie Kovářová (Czech Republic)
Dušan Stojnov (Serbia)
Barbara Strobachová (Czech Republic)

Program Committee:

Vladimir Džinović (Serbia) 
Miroslav Filip (Czech Republic)
Adrian Montesano (Spain)
Marie-Louise Österlind (Sweden)
Jörn Scheer (Germany)
Tomáš Urbánek (Czech Republic)
David Winter (United Kingdom)