Bachelor’s and long-cycle Master’s study programmes 2017/2018

(intended for high school graduates)

Study programmes and combination of study fields

Study field and their combinations that are offer for the academic year 2017/2018 can be found in the e-application since 1 November 2016. E-application to study can be submitted straight away in case of your interest.


  • Deadline for filing the e-application and for payment of the administrative fee: 28 February 2017
  • Payment of the fee must be made through the Business Centre of MU, contact to which can be found directly in your e-application.

Entrance examination

  • Learning potential test (LPT): 6.-7. May 2017
  • Fields of study Entrance examinations: 10.-13. April 2017

Important information for applicants

  • Administrative matters connected with the admission procedure may only be settled with the Office for Studies by the applicant. The applicant must always make the number of his/her Electronic Application known when contacting. We suggest that the applicant includes in his/her Electronic Application his/her contact E-mail address where information on the admission procedure can be sent. We also recommend including a contact telephone number.
  • The faculty does not recognize the result of school-leaving examination in the academic year 2017/2018
  • The faculty does not offer the possibility of entrance examination waiver
  • The faculty does not award any bonus (e.g. for previous study results, completed practice, language proficiency certificates)
  • The faculty does not implement any alternative exam dates. Apologies are not accepted.
  • In case the applicant does not participate in the admission procedure, the faculty will not return the service fee connected with the admission procedure (contingent applications are not considered).
  • The faculty does not request a medical certificate.
  • The applicant does NOT send the Office for Studies any paper copies of his/her Electronic Application.
  • The faculty does not provide accommodation for the applicants during the entrance exams.
  • The Office for Studies does not inform about the results of admission procedure over telephone or email.
  • Notification for graduates of foreign high schools: if the leaving certificate was issued abroad (apart from Slovakia) and unless specified otherwise by a bilateral agreement, the applicant must file A Nostrification of Certificates Issued by School Abroad issued by the department of education of the regional authorities, according to the residence of the applicant. More information can be found on the Ministry of Education web page (Czech only).

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