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Technical assistence
Jiří Hrbáček

       The aim of my contribution is offer to handicapped people to study at the Masaryk University in Brno, Faculty of Pedagogy and absolve the chosen sphere. The common way of lessons are regarding to their impairment or disorder difficult (blind, low – vision, deaf, physically handicapped or students with learning disorders). In all above-mentioned cases is possible to recommend the use of convenient technical assistance.
Studying materials for disabled students

       A support by the „distance way“ allows modifying methods of studying according to the student’s needs. This support enable self-studying. The big advantage of this support is that it can be used in both ways of lessons – daily and distance way of study.

What’s the difference? 

       Common studying materials are usually written to extend and follow up the content of lessons. Without the report and exercises are this materials (books) too complicated for handicapped students. The main demand is the all time control to proper understanding of the subject matter. The teacher who leads and checks students ensures this control.
       The teacher can help with parts in which student make mistakes or have problems to understand and explain the subject matter in the another way to proper understanding. If a student have a problem to understand than he can gradually loses the connection and later the interest.  
       Material which are made for the distance for of studying (directed self studying) have to replace the teacher and allows to the student correct study due to his needs.
       Controlled questions, tests and visual explanations of more difficult parts should complete materials. In nowadays more and more handicapped students attend university and mentioned supported materials allow them to study more effectively and handicapped students can be integrated.
       Big amount of disabled student have a learning disorders and materials which use illustrations and audio – video support offer them a variability of studying. Test, control questions and their performance as a game, visual aids that do not stress the student and are convenient form of testing and effectively help with progress.
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       Student who must because of their impairment stay in a hospital for a long time will not attend the school regularly. These students welcome this form of support and continue in studying themselves without the full time control of teacher.
       In a previous time were the supported materials made in written forms and audio – video tapes. Today, computers extend the possibilities by the interactive teaching programs. Computers also can play the audio – video records, zoom texts and pictures – it is the help for visually impaired students. Blind students can use the voice navigation and control the computer by the keyboard or a voice.
For students of our faculty I have made the “distance” textbook for the computer use. The textbook has got two forms:
  • The first one is printed written according to the principle of formation “distance” support. It contains big amount of pictures, controls and tests. You can also find solutions of these questions and tasks. Student study with computer solves tasks and checks up knowledge. The student can also see through animations and listen texts.
  • The second has an electronic form and student can go through the book in MS Word. The book uses the active elements like an Internet. Pictures, test programs and the animations can be started from the text. It is also possible to play text in an audio form. By the magnifying glass can be pictures zoomed.
How use the textbook
       At first student have to properly study each capture for better understanding - see through the solved examples and animations.
       After that student answers control questions or can check the answers by computer in “solutions”.
For the better lucidity and easy service are in the text used graphic symbols:

Time for study
Description, introduction

Symbols, active in a multi – media are served as a notice that the audio record animation is possible to find on CD. For example:
Voice record of the following text
Try computer
The list of all used symbols is attached.
Why learn to work with computer
       Personal computers are one of the most used and the ability to work with them becomes the symbol of literacy (ECDL - European computer driving licence).
       Thanks to the computers and Internet are opening new ways of connection, business, education, source of information. All these information can be completed and spreader flexibly. E-mail allows sending a text or picture all around the world during few minutes.
       It is quieting impossible to guess where computers can reach. University technical equipment allows the proper education for handicapped students. By this way is for this student open access to university education but not only to graduate the university – it is also amount of interesting opportunities.

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