Stránky Pedagogické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity

The Team of Specialists

The tasks which the department of special education fulfills are supplied by the team of experts specialized in single areas of the study field.

Prof. PhDr. Marie Vítková, CSc.
       She entered the department of special education in November, 1991 and got a fellowship, from September, 1994 she worked at the department as a docent and as the head of the department.
She was appointed a professor of pedagogy in November, 2000. She is a tutor for the internal and external students of doctoral programme in the area of pedagogy at PdF MU in Brno and in the area of special education at PdF UK in Prague.

       Her scientific and research activities include the integration of the pupils with special needs to schools, the current trends of the special education care in the Czech Republic and abroad, the tendencies and prospects of special education with the focus on pedagogical counseling in Europe.

       She teaches subjects "Somatopedie" a "Edukace jedinců s více vadami", "Integrativní speciální pedagogika" and participates at teaching of subject "Základy speciálně pedagogických disciplín".




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