Stránky Pedagogické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity

The Team of Specialists

The tasks which the department of special education fulfills are supplied by the team of experts specialized in single areas of the study field.

PhDr. Dagmar Přinosilová, Ph.D.
           She has got felowship at the department of special education since February, 1996. She is a psychologists. If necessary she consults with the students having physical, visual and auditive handicaps, those who are students PdF MU in Brno. She is responsible for contacts with the central library.

       Her scientific and research activities include the special education diagnostics, pathopsychology, psychopathology. She is working on disertation called "Funkce speciálně pedagogické diagnostiky při edukaci dítěte s pohybovým postižením".


       She teaches subjects "Speciálně pedagogická diagnostika", "Patopsychologie I. a II.".
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