Stránky Pedagogické fakulty Masarykovy univerzity

The Team of Specialists

The tasks which the department of special education fulfills are supplied by the team of experts specialized in single areas of the study field.

PaedDr. Jiřina Klenková, Ph.D.

       She has been a member of the department of special education since February, 1996. She provides a contact with external teachers. She helps to remedy, if necessary, the lisps of the students of Faculty of Education. She is a tutor for the doctoral programme students who specialize in communication disorders. Her scientific and research activities include the children communication disorders with the specialization in the early intervention, symptomatological disorders at the children with physical, mental and visual handicaps, and the complex care of the children with patolalia.

       She teaches subjects "Logopedie", "Logopedická prevence", "Prohloubená výuka logopedie a surdopedie" and participates at teaching of subjects "Integrativní speciální pedagogika", "Základy speciálně pedagogických disciplín" .

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