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Complex Support of Untergraduate Students with Disabilities
The Outline of Comprehensive Support Services

Zita Sýkorová

       In the recent years The Faculty of Education statistic reports at Masaryk University Brno have been showing a positive increase of students with disabilities. A big role in this fact is played by The Department of Special Education that offers to these students not only a very specialized study courses in their familiar field but also a space for their following access to employment in that particular area.

       In 1994 it was a girl on a wheel chair who became a pioneer among the students with disabilities at the newly founded department of special education. Nowadays she works as a special teacher at one Brno school. Contemporary students of daily courses have welcome two female students with a hearing impairment and one student with a physical disability among themselves.

     A distant form of study courses may report changes of students structure as well and it is obvious that the number of students with special educational needs have been growing here much faster than at the daily form. One of the extended courses graduates, a physically disabled student, applies now his gained special education knowledge in practice, he works as a university Disability Officer with other students with handicaps. The nowadays intact students of the distant form of study may confront their new experience with three blind and one partially sighted students as well as with one mate that has a hearing impairment and one colleague with a physicall disability.



      The number of the students with special education needs is rising but how to fulfill their needs? How to contribute to maximalize their accesss to the education? How to support more academically their access to employment?

       The Department of Special Education has been essentially thinking over these questions since its foundation. It is clear that a high quality comprehensive support services systém must exist that consequently helps the students to decrease their difficulties in studies. To fulfill their academic needs in as thourough way as possible there have been, at the department, stated several general principles:
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  • to appoint the persons responsible for proceedings with the students with SEN
  • to inform fully other departments and their specialist about all needed arrangements
  • to react flexibly on organizing individual plans of those students
  • to enable these students an easy access within the buildings and the social services
  • early readiness for entrance exams preparations
  • to arrange appropriate IT equipment to optimalize the learning material access
  • to cooperate with other faculty, unversity and external subjects that work within the special educational support of students with SEN

After the situation of those students with SEN has been developing in its own way The Department of Special Education may state that at the moment it is able to follow all the principles. If a secondary school graduate chooses a special education study at the department a particular consulting specialist of the department is appointed to the students and stays his contact person for the whole study run. Both the specialist and the students participated in preparations of the entrance written or oral exams.

     Within this period also competences of other support subjects are forming and are those which the student or the specialist may cooperate with.

     Within The Faculty of Education it is the vice dean for foreign affair, editorial activities and social care (doc. Ing. Jiří Strach, CSc.).
Within Masaryk University Brno the students with visual impairments and their consulting persons can cooperate with the Support centre of blind and partially sighted students which among other activities effectivelly supports studies of the visually impaired students by digitalization of studying materials.
The cooperation functions also within the external subject as are The United Association of the blind and partially sighted or The Federation of parents and friends of the hearing impaired, SORDOS – the association for the culture of the non-hearing etc
     Based on the abroad experience it is expected that a cooperation must be set with organizations within the field of specific learning and behavioral difficulties, which is one of the fields that The Department of Special Education is newly prepared for by setting an equipped centre of special pedagogical support.

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