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Faculty of Education, Masaryk University

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About the Department

Department is the teaching and reasearch psychological facility at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk Un., Brno. We teach courses for the „common basics“ of the educational sciences for student teachers (i.e. courses Introduction to Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology at bachelor level and Educational Psychology at master level) and also we cooperate on professional training of student teachers in Reflective seminars with Department of Pedagogy. For more information about the study at our faculty or staff exchanging programmes see Centre of International Cooperation web.

We organize annual conferences Teaching Psychology.

We cooperate on organizing other conferences and workshops (in cooperation with The Czech-Moravian Psychological Society, Czech Association of School Psychology etc.).

Our Research Themes

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Our students will acquire:

Introduction to Psychology
The goal of the course is to get acquainted with basic concepts and theories of general psychology and psychology of personality and with the evolution of them. The subject studies should present the relations of psychology to other socially-scientific and natural-scientific branches, and the exploitation of the psychological knowledge in present sciences on man and social practice. A successful passing of this block is a prerequisite for further studies of other psychological disciplines. At the end of the course the student will be able to read common psychological text for teachers and to understand them creatively. The student should also be able to differentiate the findings of academic psychology from general popular psychological findings.

Developmental Psychology
Psychology of mental development introduces the basic principles and laws of psychological development , the basic characteristics of the different stages of human development, and especially the age specifics of children and adolescents. It deals with various aspects of development ranging from physical and motor development, through cognitive, emotional, moral, volitional, social development and the development of relationships to personality development, self-esteem and identity. It also discusses issues of education, relations between generations and an adequate understanding of children and adolescents in various ontogenetic stages. At the end of this course, students will be able to understand the individual stages of human ontogenesis from early childhood to adulthood; apply knowledge about changes in the development of individual mental functions in children; use information about a step change in the development of the psyche in the context of individual approach to the education of children.

Social Psychology
The course of social psychology is focused at forming fundamentals of socially-psychological thinking in the context of professions oriented at work with people. It reviews the theory of interpersonal interactions in macro- and micro-social space. It deals with socially-psychological aspects of pedagogical communication; it informs about the rules and conditions of social perception and attribution; both of them in connection with cultivation and self-education possibilities. The second essential part is formed by psychology of group life; psychological aspects of a structure and dynamics of groups with respect to the specificity of various sorts of children and youth groups and various spheres of social life.

Educational Psychology
Purposes of this course is to obtain basic theoretical knowledge in psychology of primary school children from the social and educational point of view. Theoretical knowledge concerning psychological components of professional work in primary school. At the end of this course student should be able to: - describe and explaine basic concepts from the field of educational psychology - describe the teaching and learning process and its principals - apply bacis knowledge of educational psychology in school practice

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