Safety Hits 4 Kids

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Project details

This project objective is the implementation of knowledge-transfer creating competence for problem solution by understanding supported by application of age-orientated computing and experimental skills into science education. Project produced instructional materials create knowledge based and used in all-day life. 

Hands-on experiments enable pupils to experience and to research science phenomena having reference to their all-day and safe life.


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In many situations, teachers are confronted today with situations which  require the ability for  first aid for injuries.

Common injuries of young children occur as a result of accidents involving water, burns and scalds, poisoning, cuts, falls, as well as accidents on the roads. This list it not intended to terrify parents and carers but rather to reassure them that accidents are preventable and that anticipatory supervision is one of the most important skills they can use to keep children safe. This website has information on what to do to avoid trouble, along with some information about what to do in an emergency.

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