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Focusing on Teacher education

The IRSE focuses on teacher training and professionalisation, the processes of the shift from novice teachers to expert teachers, contributes to support them and the role of contextual variables in such processes. Teacher professional competence is monitored in areas of teacher thinking and knowledge, special focus lies on developing pedagogical content knowledge.

Using videos in teacher education (video web)

The IRSE develops a videobased e-learning environment. The IRSE Video Study started the development of an e-learning environment for future teachers. The IRSE Video Web refers to learning environment involving video recordings of lessons and related set of questions and tasks to be answered or solved by future teachers. The aim of the IRSE Video Web is to foster students’ professional vision which help them prepare for their own teaching.

The use of the IRSE Video Web:

  • An instrument for developing students’ professional vision. The video web functions as a guide for the prospective teachers to explore different pedagogical situations, to structure their thinking, to help the students describe, interpret, clarify and assess the observed situations, all leading to enhancing their professional vision.
  • A diagnostic instrument for assessing the prospective teachers’ reflective competence. Using video web generates research data (e.g., the answers to questions, rating of observed situations) which enables the researchers to analyse student’s thinking about the observed situations.

The development of the video web

In order to develop the video web a research group has been established at the Faculty of Education, MU, represented by experts in didactics of the subjects which were included in the IRSE Video Study and the TIMSS 1999 Video Study – Physics, Geography, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education and English. The experts in didactics sought video sequences exemplifying particular subject matter and developed a set of questions and tasks for students. The video web cooperated with experts in information technology who loaded the video clips into the Information system MU enabling their access to the registered students.