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Focusing on classroom processes

The IRSE develops a video-based methodology of teaching and learning as they occur in classrooms and conducts research into various aspects of teaching and learning in different school subjects. Through investigating both the overlap between the subject-specific issues, and the inter-subject similarities and differences the aim is to develop the concept of transdisciplinary didactics. The ultimate concept is quality of instruction.

Video Study: classroom research in Czech schools (2004–2012)

Since 2004 the IRSE has been conducting a series of inquiries into classroom processes in different subjects in primary and lower-secondary schools. The IRSE Video Study is an umbrella label for different video-study projects:

  • Video Study of Physics (2004)
  • Video Study of Geography (2005)
  • Video Study of English (2007)
  • Video Study of Physical Education (2007)
  • Video Study of Primary Education (2011)
  • Video Study of German (2012).

The ultimate goal of the individual video-study projects is to explore the processes of teaching and learning in different school subjects at primary and lower-secondary school levels. The aim is to document, describe and analyse the reality of everyday teaching in different school subjects and provide a comparative perspective. Such comparison will enable us to gain an in-depth knowledge of the differences arising from the different content-specific nature of the school subjects.


The aims of the video study are:

  1. to contribute to establishing basic knowledge of teaching and learning processes that take place in different subjects at primary and lower-secondary school levels and to provide for an in-depth understanding of such processes in transdisciplinary perspective;
  2. to elaborate methodology for investigating classroom processes with regard to current topics, such as competencies and the ways of their enhancement
  3. with teachers‘ consent to use the video-recordings in teacher education


Each lesson is videotaped using the standardised procedure with two video cameras. The student camera captures the activity of most students from the blackboard-side corner of the classroom, and the teacher camera captures the teacher’s activity. The sample is summarised in Figure 1.


subject number
of lessons
of schools
of teachers
region choice of sample
Physics 62 12 13 Brno available
Geography 50 5 5 Brno available
English 79 21 25 South Moravia, Olomouc, Zlín regions random
Physical Education 58 19 20 South Moravia, Olomouc, Zlín regions random
Primary school 20 5 10 South Moravia, Olomouc, Zlín regions random
German 28 7 7 South Moravia region random

Figure 1. An overivew of the sample for the video studies