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Departement of Artistic Teaching (KVV) with Pedagogical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, under the patronage of dean doc. RNDr. Josef Trna, CSc.
advertises the 10th Annual Contest on the theme

The Book Phenomenon

Every student of any university level school is invited to take part in.

Following works on the stated theme will be accepted:
typographics, plastic objects, photographs, computer graphics, free artistic designs, videoart etc.

In general, no limits concerning material and its treating have been appointed. Submitted works will be appraised within categories:

a) The book typography (work with text and artwork)
b) The book as an object
d) Free creation (computer graphics, photographs, videoarts etc.)

Works should be submitted till end of April 2008 at:

      KVV PdF MU
      Porici 7
      603 00 Brno
      Czech Republic

Selected works will be exhibited in prestigious art gallery at Brno.

The contest is supported by a grant of PdF MU.

Contact address:
phone: +420 549 496 533