Developing standards and training for European Behaviour Analysts (EuroBA)

Logo poskytovatele
Kód projektu
Období řešení
9/2020 - 8/2023
Investor / Programový rámec / typ projektu
Evropská unie
Fakulta / Pracoviště MU
Pedagogická fakulta
Spolupracující organizace
The Queen University of Belfast
University of Ulster
Stockholms universitet
Erasmus Universitair Medisch Centrum Rotterdam

The project focuses on Applied Behaviour Analysis. Its aim is to develop and set European Standards for behaviour analyst training; European Qualifications Framework (i.e., use BACB standards for RBT as a basis and map these onto the EQF). Furthermore, the project consortium undertakes to update and enrich already existing interactive platform Simple Steps which was developed within a previous Erasmus+ project by part of the current consortium and later translated to other languages as well. Finally, the third focus of the project is to build a Responsive webpage (NeurHero) on which to deliver the training meeting the RBT criteria. This training will be built on the updated Simple Steps webpage.

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