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  • Theoretical and methodological basis: Philosophy of Education, Methodology of Scientific Work, Quantitative and Qualitative Methods of Educational Research
  • Complementary courses: Modern Educational Theory, Educational Psychology, Current Questions in Educational Theory.
  • Specialised courses – optional (Students select one course from each group):
    • Group A courses (focused at selected disciplines of educational theory): Contemporary Topics in Specialised Didactics, Theory of Family Upbringing, Environmental Education, Introduction to Teaching as a Profession, Social Pedagogy, Primary Pedagogy, School Management.
    • Group B courses (focused at selected problems connected to the most frequent dissertation topics): Recent Problems of School Curriculum, Theory and Practice of Teaching Methods, Activity, Independence and Creativity in Pupils, Pupil and Class Diagnostics, Alternative Approaches in Education and Upbringing.
  • Other courses: Foreign Language 1. Foreign Language 2, Professional Orientation in the Field of Study, Doctoral Dissertation.

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