Basic and applied research is an important activity of department of education. Our aim is research of teachers training which covers these topics:

  • Professional teachers training
  • Reflection of teachers training
  • Evaluation of teachers education
  • Teachers’ work with student diversity, differentiation and personalization of teaching
  • Power and strategy in a classroom
  • Practical and tacit knowledge among new teachers
  • Evaluation and self-evaluation of pupils

Basic research

We carry out basic research mainly within the framework of acquired projects, eg from the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (GA ČR ), Horizont, the European Science Foundation (ESF) or within the specific research of Masaryk University.

GA ČR is an organizational unit of the state, administrator of category of a budget and independent accounting entity which administrates special-purpose and institutional means assigned by the law of state budget of the Czech Republic. These means are assigned to solve grant projects which are chosen in public competitions. GA ČR announces public competitions concerning solving grant project of basic research in specified fields and in approved programs. Calles for project submission are announced regularly once per a year. Grant project is project of basic research whose aims and ways of solving are set by participant or proposer.

In our department there were solved this particular grant research lately:

Applied research

Applied research is used to gain new knowledge focused on specific use in educational practice. We solve applied research mainly in assigned projects, e.g. Technology Agency of the Czech Republic (TAČR / ÉTA) and partly also the Grant Agency of Masaryk University (so-called specific research).

In our department there were solved this applied research lately:

Specific research

Projects of college specific research are made by students who are in accredited doctor or master student’s program which are closely connected with their education. The aim of support is to strengthen the creative skills of students in a field of research and development which is leading to intensive engagement of students in issues solved especially in team research and development activities at faculties.

In our department there were solved this particular specific research lately: